A perfect, peaceful spring day

This weekend marked the opening day of the Saturday Market! After a stressful week, I treated myself to an afternoon stroll to the market. Along the way I stopped to "smell the roses" and snapped photos of the new blooms. At the market I splurged on a smoothie and a huge blueberry turnover. I planned to save half of the turnover for later, but then I decided to sit amongst the cherry trees at the Capitol Building and I couldn't resist eating the entire thing (which was bigger than my fetus). It was a perfect, peaceful moment.


  1. Sounds wonderful! I can't wait for our market to open but I think we still have a month. The smoothie and turnover sound amazing! I love the fresh blooms. They are starting here in Pittsburgh (finally!).

  2. Sounds perfect! I love these pictures! What a great collage! :-)


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