Miracle Grow

During a fun day of exploring the Oregon coast with my father-in-law, my f-i-l snapped a few pics of my belly to show to loved ones at home. The top one is my favorite! I was wearing a lot of layers (for the record, I can no longer zip my rain coat!) and so I wanted to uncover my belly for the pic. However, the picture truly captures how I feel each time I look down or see my reflection! My belly is now big enough that I find myself setting my cell phone and remote on it while I'm sitting. It's a handy ledge :)
I think this pic is a little misleading... but I think I say that with every picture of my growing belly. One anecdote from my week: I walked into the classroom of a teacher who I rarely see, he stops in the middle of his lesson and said, "whoa girl, did that just happen or is the shirt you're wearing accentuating that belly?!". HILARIOUS! I have a feeling that this may be the start of when no one else that sees me semi-regularly will be finding out about the pregnancy... it's a bit obvious, eh?

"Home is not where you live but where they understand you." christian morgenstern


  1. Julie! You look so cute! I love your belly:) The last picture we saw of you was like a month ago right? What a difference!

  2. Your bump is so cute! That picture is priceless. I would love to get together next time in Salem. I'll give you a call.


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