Inside OUT!

In my previous post, you got a cheery glimpse of my urban farm. My farm has a vast array of newly churned raised beds, artfully arranged throughout my yard and the yards of some kind neighbors. Yes, the hard physical labor has been tough, but when I'm rewarded with fresh, organic veggies for a fraction of the cost of what everyone else pays for them... I will smile smugly with satisfaction. The smile may even last throughout all of the weeding, picking, canning, cooking, freezing, etc that will fill up my summer months.

OH WHO AM I KIDDING? Jake does it all. Yes, ALL! I did just buy one pack of seeds that he has been looking for and I always have intentions of helping, but if the past predicts the future, Jake will continue to do it ALL.

That being said, I do love my garden and I must encourage and support my gardener.... right?

Dear readers, tonight I walked into my kitchen/eating area and realized that over the past two weeks my table has been overtaken with aquariums of seedlings and an incubator attempting to hatch 50 pheasant. 50?!?!?! I swear I told my dear hubby that he should try to hatch 20 and hope for maybe half. Atop my enclosed kitty litter container now sits a rubbermaid container filled with worms. Why? So that we can compost indoors. Who doesn't need that? (yes, we have an outdoor compost also. Now I have to learn to sort between what will be composted inside, what the bunnies should eat, and what will be composted outside. My head is starting to hurt!). You may think that this can't possibly go any farther (hmm.. further seems to work here too... any advice?).

Tonight, the love of my life, has stashed two live baby pheasants in the TRUNK OF OUR CAR (our only car since I totaled our other one this week... oops!). They will stay in the trunk/wagon until he gets off of work in the morning. At that point, I expect they'll be kept in my kitchen next to the worms, the someday-maybe-hatching eggs, the seedlings, and the piles of dirt that fall off his shoes when he comes in from the garden.

This phase of our life was supposed to be our "city" phase and it is. I can walk anywhere I want to go, shop, eat, etc. However, I think I better start packing for the country before the goats and sheep show up!


  1. Immediately after posting this, I went to the kitchen/farm and served myself a huge helping of the peach cobbler Jake made from peaches he had frozen last fall. See... I'm NOT lying :)

  2. My farmer informed me that we own QUAIL... not pheasant. I have a brain freeze on those two birds and constantly confuse them!

  3. Ha! This is hilarious. But I'm really curious how the quail go, since I read the same article as Jake did and want to try it, too! :-)
    Good luck!

  4. Afer reading Marianne's comment I'm curious what the hype behind Quail is! My dad hatched a few (I'm not sure if they were phesant or quail either...) last year (a few as in a dozen or so NOT 50!) but he was doing it to try and raise the population where he hunts. Is that what Jake is doing? You better move to the country soon and invest in a large bar before your house is taken over!

  5. So I ment to write barn not bar. Opps! Haha!

  6. You are an absolute hoot! And you gave me my first true laugh out loud today---so thank you. :)

  7. My wife would never let me do any of that. (Though I'd never cook peach cobbler. not a fan of peaches.)

    And, we all know what's really on Shannon's mind.


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