Miracle Grow

During a fun day of exploring the Oregon coast with my father-in-law, my f-i-l snapped a few pics of my belly to show to loved ones at home. The top one is my favorite! I was wearing a lot of layers (for the record, I can no longer zip my rain coat!) and so I wanted to uncover my belly for the pic. However, the picture truly captures how I feel each time I look down or see my reflection! My belly is now big enough that I find myself setting my cell phone and remote on it while I'm sitting. It's a handy ledge :)
I think this pic is a little misleading... but I think I say that with every picture of my growing belly. One anecdote from my week: I walked into the classroom of a teacher who I rarely see, he stops in the middle of his lesson and said, "whoa girl, did that just happen or is the shirt you're wearing accentuating that belly?!". HILARIOUS! I have a feeling that this may be the start of when no one else that sees me semi-regularly will be finding out about the pregnancy... it's a bit obvious, eh?

"Home is not where you live but where they understand you." christian morgenstern


Inside OUT!

In my previous post, you got a cheery glimpse of my urban farm. My farm has a vast array of newly churned raised beds, artfully arranged throughout my yard and the yards of some kind neighbors. Yes, the hard physical labor has been tough, but when I'm rewarded with fresh, organic veggies for a fraction of the cost of what everyone else pays for them... I will smile smugly with satisfaction. The smile may even last throughout all of the weeding, picking, canning, cooking, freezing, etc that will fill up my summer months.

OH WHO AM I KIDDING? Jake does it all. Yes, ALL! I did just buy one pack of seeds that he has been looking for and I always have intentions of helping, but if the past predicts the future, Jake will continue to do it ALL.

That being said, I do love my garden and I must encourage and support my gardener.... right?

Dear readers, tonight I walked into my kitchen/eating area and realized that over the past two weeks my table has been overtaken with aquariums of seedlings and an incubator attempting to hatch 50 pheasant. 50?!?!?! I swear I told my dear hubby that he should try to hatch 20 and hope for maybe half. Atop my enclosed kitty litter container now sits a rubbermaid container filled with worms. Why? So that we can compost indoors. Who doesn't need that? (yes, we have an outdoor compost also. Now I have to learn to sort between what will be composted inside, what the bunnies should eat, and what will be composted outside. My head is starting to hurt!). You may think that this can't possibly go any farther (hmm.. further seems to work here too... any advice?).

Tonight, the love of my life, has stashed two live baby pheasants in the TRUNK OF OUR CAR (our only car since I totaled our other one this week... oops!). They will stay in the trunk/wagon until he gets off of work in the morning. At that point, I expect they'll be kept in my kitchen next to the worms, the someday-maybe-hatching eggs, the seedlings, and the piles of dirt that fall off his shoes when he comes in from the garden.

This phase of our life was supposed to be our "city" phase and it is. I can walk anywhere I want to go, shop, eat, etc. However, I think I better start packing for the country before the goats and sheep show up!


From our nest to yours...

Happy Easter!

The Kosker nest has already started springing up with new life. Our wish for you is that your home brings peace, newness, and bunny kisses this season.
He is Risen, Hallelujah!


A perfect, peaceful spring day

This weekend marked the opening day of the Saturday Market! After a stressful week, I treated myself to an afternoon stroll to the market. Along the way I stopped to "smell the roses" and snapped photos of the new blooms. At the market I splurged on a smoothie and a huge blueberry turnover. I planned to save half of the turnover for later, but then I decided to sit amongst the cherry trees at the Capitol Building and I couldn't resist eating the entire thing (which was bigger than my fetus). It was a perfect, peaceful moment.