snap crackle POP!!!

I have been complaining for weeks about not looking pregnant. Now, Jake and I truly think this picture is a bit deceiving in how big my belly actually is (perhaps I'm arching my back... whatever I did, it was an unconscious attempt to look big). However, I love being pregnant and I'm glad that I can look this preggo in a photo! I still haven't felt a kick, sometimes I think I might and then decide that it was my imagination. Soon I'll feel this sock monkey and I'm going to be so excited that I might attempt my first EVER back flip!

The clothing crisis was partially diverted when a super generous friend lent me two HUGE moving boxes FULL of maternity clothes (I also drive her old car which should have sold for much more than I paid... a very generous friend). We're talking super cute, fashionable clothes. My wardrobe has doubled and once I start wearing it all, people will wonder why I suddenly woke up with a sense of style :) Unfortunately, the pants issue is reaching critical levels. I did learn that Target carries some pants with huge hems, so I officially have one pair of work appropriate pants. I'm beginning to think it's time to stop being cheap and drop a Ben Franklin on 1 or 2 pairs of dress pants. The Bella Band has been a life savior- it's a spandex tube that you wear over your pants so you don't have to button/zipper them. However, it requires a lot of adjusting throughout the day and I'm pretty sure that my students are sick of seeing me pull up my pants and down on the strange white thing I wear everyday :)
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  1. awww! You look cute! Maybe you ate one-too-many-curly-fries during your binging days, bringing this cute belly. But the good thing about being pregnant is that you can get away with it! ;-)
    love you!
    See you soon!

  2. Finally a belly shot! You look so cute! :)

  3. PS I hope Jake is ready with a Video camera when you attempt your first ever back flip while you are pregnant!

  4. Cute little belly! We need to get together so our babies can bond while in the womb :) Ha ha! Are you going to find out what you are having? What are you doing for Spring break? Maybe I should just call you?!

  5. Check out this website: http://www.kikisfashions.com/. Super cute clothes, super cheap!

  6. Jules, that's great. :)
    Best thing in the world, having kids.

    I'll be seeing that in a few months, as well. ;)


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