Hindsight really IS 20/20.

Today I was spreading goodwill to all and being a kind citizen by holding up myself and the 20 cars behind me to let someone out of a driveway that was next to a traffic light. So, to be sure that you're picturing it correctly... picture a huge line of cars and some poor sap sitting in their white sedan being completely stuck because everyone wants to go, go, go and not pause to let them out of the driveway. However, after I let them out, I was slammed in the face with their opinions on everything from abortion (bad) to McCain (good) to what radio station I should listen to.

As a counselor, I spend my days in an open-minded, accepting mindset. It isn't fake, but having someone else forcing their opinions on others just pisses me off (unless they are presented in a funny manner). Plus, only people who are really passionate about something have bumper stickers. I'd love to see a bumper sticker that reads "I thought buying organic was going to be too expensive, but I heeded your bumper sticker and figured out that if cut cable tv out of my budget I could afford it and it's working for me" or "I like you just the way you are". And really, has anyone ever changed their mind about anything after reading a bumper sticker (as in "Oh, you're right, Obama is a liar and Palin WOULD have been awesome" or "I think I'll follow your car and ask if you will provide a loving, supportive home to raise my baby in because I am no longer willing to get an abortion." or "That's such a cool leaf, I think I'm going to start smoking pot". )

My question of the day/week is: Do any of my readers have bumper stickers? I won't hang you, but would love to know what they say and why you want it on your car!


  1. comment to myself: how funny is it that I'm being pissy about someone voicing their opinions when I have a BLOG??? Ok, a little different because you have a choice whether or not you read this, but still I see the inconsistency here.

  2. I don't have a bumper sticker, but I do have a story.

    I was driving in Pittsburgh [read: I was futilely trying to merge from one bridge to another at rush hour]. Beside me was a station wagon driven by a man who resembled Santa Claus a little bit. Santa was my only hope to get to my actual destination without being sent through a tunnel to the other side of the city.

    So, I try to look really pathetic and pleaded with my eyes: ‘if you don’t let me in, I am screwed. Please be kind.’ Santa looks at me for a few seconds, smirks, looks back to the traffic, and drives away—leaving me in the dust.

    And what word do I see stuck to the back of his reindeer sleigh?! COEXIST. Ugh!

    I am all about coexistence, but clearly he didn’t internalize his bumper-sticker. Blah.

  3. I have to admit that I have some bumper stickers but no opinions on them. Just places I've visited. It makes me feel cool;)

  4. I used to have a bumper sticker that read "Born Again Voodooist" I bought it because I was going to go to Mount and I thought (along with my dad) that it might raise some hackles. HEEHEE!
    My current hate is the rear windshield decals that read "Cruisin' in memory of..." I don't know if it is a Southern thing or what but I HATE it!!!! I am sorry that someone close to you has died but give me a break. If someone REALLY REALLY hated me and wanted to seak vengence on my soul they would wait until I died and then get one of those with my name and birth/deathday on it.

  5. Did you read my bumper sticker blog entry a few months ago? Apparently, we're thinking similarly.
    On the back of our truck, we don't have anything. But- on the back of our camper, we have the words, 'It's all good!' It's a lawn ornament, but it fits well on an RV, too!

  6. Normally, I'm with you on this. Bumper stickers are dumb. I did put up an Obama one from about December 2008 through the end of the election. But after that, I took it off.

    I also have a beach sticker on my car - everyone has them down here, to show off what beach they go to. It's kinda cool though because you'll read a new one and go, Oh! I have never heard of that beach! I must check it out!


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