our dream home

I think it's Jake's way of "nesting". He has begun planning for our future home. We know that our dream of building a strawbale house is still a distant dream (I hope it's within our 5 year plan, but it might be more like 10 years), however it is fun to plan just the same. Though we sleep at different times, Jake has started reading me a bedtime story when he is home. The book is entitled "Strawbale Home Plans". How romantic!

I am a small house type of girl. I would even live in one of these (if I didn't have kids, had a guest house, and a storage shed): http://www.tumbleweedhouses.com/. I stumbled across this house recently and experienced some major hobbit envy/ ideas:

However, I also like bright, open spaces. I want at least 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, a living room, a basement/rec area (where the only tv will be), a den/music room, a kitchen that's open to the house, a big porch... That just doesn't sound small, does it?

Our friends, Todd and Shayne, have been building their dream home and we got to explore it this summer. Their dream home is very similar to our dream home and we will be happy to copy many of their well-researched ideas. My parents also built a huge strawbale shop/guest apartment, but I don't have any good pics to show you. I'll leave you with an adorable picture of Todd and Shayne in front of our... er... their dream home-in-progress.


  1. cool! I like this blog entry. I'd love to see more of Todd and Shayne's house. I love the posts!

  2. Todd and Shayne's house is so cute! I think it's cute that Jake is reading to you:) Probably an attempt at making Baby Kosker smarter too! PS maybe since I'm now going to Italy I'll start blogging!

  3. We feel so honored to be part of your blog! In a few short weeks, you may come and actually stay in the strawbale home. Yes, that's right---we are getting close enough to consider moving in!


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