Husband of the Year Turns 31 Today!

I do make an attempt not to be too sappy or lovestruck when blogging. It's tough when you're married to a guy like Jake. When I talk about him I often get flashbacks to a conversation I had with a friend once who was venting his annoyance about how his brother and sis-in-law gush about each other and still claim that they can't believe someone so wonderful would marry them.

So, I will wish my husband a very happy birthday, tell him that I am more in love with him today than I was on our wedding day, and I will guarantee him that I will make this year his best ever (need I remind you that there is a sock monkey festering inside me).

Today, one of my coworkers forwarded me a "Husband of the Year" email and said that the first pic reminded her of Jake and I. HILARIOUS! Jake wouldn't actually do this because he's always busy/distracted preparing camp feasts while I set-up the tent. Therefore, one side of the tent always has extra cushions and one side of the tent is about as hard as rocks. Yes, I sleep on the cushy side while my chef swears he likes the hard ground. It would be stupid to argue.

However, Jake DOES love his bicycle(s) and I do love sleeping under the stars. So, this scenario is plausible (if it was a cooler, more hard-core tent).


  1. I love that you refered to your "sock monkey" as festering inside of you. Haha HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKE!

  2. Haha I've seen this picture so many times. And it's still just awesomeawesome

  3. This picture could truly be Christoph and me. But anyway- happy birthday Jake! We'll be bringing you a wonderful gift when we come soon!

  4. Too funny! I betcha you guys will get the whole backpackin adventuring with baby thing down pat! Hell, Jake will probably invent a few things to make it easier, and market them, and you could become rich! Sock Monkeys to go...lol. Hope this comment shows up, for some reason mine aren't. Kathy from Hospital.

  5. I absolutely love that you referred to your future baby as a sock monkey. This is why I heart you.


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