grand unveiling

It's taken me awhile to post this pic. But, my tardiness is completely this cute little sock monkey's fault! I'm firmly in the 2nd trimester and the rumor is true- I feel TONS better!

I'm still a little more tired than normal (my normal state is tired, so it does interfere a bit with life), but I'm rarely nauseous! WOOHOO!! The biggest drawback is an increase in killer headaches. So far I've been able to manage without meds, just a little caffeine and rest.

I'm definitely at the point in this pregnancy where I'm no longer fitting into my clothes, but don't look super preggo. I'm having a doozy of a time trying to find long maternity pants! 95% of my friendship circle has had babies over the past few years and I've realized that I am only friends with short people (anyone under 5'8")!!! So, no borrowing of maternity clothes is going to happen :( Now I'm on the search for used clothing from other tall mamas. I just can't see the sense in paying $60 for pants that I will only wear for a few months (the going rate for tall maternity pants when buying online... 'cause stores don't sell to freaks like me).

Have I mentioned that I am ONLY 5'9.5". That isn't so uncommon! If anyone has any advice on where I can get decently priced pants or has a friend that is looking to sell some used clothes (size 8 or 10 with a 34" inseam), please HELP!!!!
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  1. wow, a first picture. how exciting. i'm not quite sure who it looks like, speaking of it are you guys going to find out the sex of the baby? glad you are feeling better julie!

  2. coming from a "non-pregnant-never-been-pregnant-but-wanna-be-pregnant-so-bad-that-she-spends-all-of-her-time-on-thebump.com" girl, i've heard that Bella Bands allow you to wear your old pants for a while longer by letting you unbutton them and hide the unbutton with the big stretchy band...worth a shot:)

  3. It's not your 5'9 that's the problem. It's that 5'7 of that is LEGS!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi Julie,

    Love the ultrasound pic! I do have a suggestion for affordable maternity clothes. A few years ago I helped a friend buy a complete wardrobe of maternity clothes on EBay. Just search for maternity lot and then narrow it down to your size and see what's available. I just took a look and there are several long/talls available in the 8/10 size range. Even cute trendy jeans. My friend got a "lot" of brand new items to mix and match for around $150.00. I think there were about 20 items.

    Hope this helps. Tell everyone hi for me...I miss you all!!


  5. just start wearing lots and lots of skirts! That way, they'll work in the winter with cute boots in the winter and then you can wear them in the summer with sandals (and without the tights.) Plus, you could borrow from your short(er) friends!

  6. I'm assuming if you found out the sex we would know? I think he/she has your nose and Jake's eyes. :)

  7. Yay! Its fun to finally see baby Kosker:) Good luck with the clothing... I'm not going to be much help (even if I had already been pregnent;).

  8. So are we no longer friends? I am well over the 5'8" requirement thank you very much!!!!! Glad to hear that you are feeling good!

  9. Liza...have you had a baby? No. I didn't think so ;) If you HAD I would have already bought all of your clothes (at least the ones with lots of stretch you skinny vixen).


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