grand unveiling

It's taken me awhile to post this pic. But, my tardiness is completely this cute little sock monkey's fault! I'm firmly in the 2nd trimester and the rumor is true- I feel TONS better!

I'm still a little more tired than normal (my normal state is tired, so it does interfere a bit with life), but I'm rarely nauseous! WOOHOO!! The biggest drawback is an increase in killer headaches. So far I've been able to manage without meds, just a little caffeine and rest.

I'm definitely at the point in this pregnancy where I'm no longer fitting into my clothes, but don't look super preggo. I'm having a doozy of a time trying to find long maternity pants! 95% of my friendship circle has had babies over the past few years and I've realized that I am only friends with short people (anyone under 5'8")!!! So, no borrowing of maternity clothes is going to happen :( Now I'm on the search for used clothing from other tall mamas. I just can't see the sense in paying $60 for pants that I will only wear for a few months (the going rate for tall maternity pants when buying online... 'cause stores don't sell to freaks like me).

Have I mentioned that I am ONLY 5'9.5". That isn't so uncommon! If anyone has any advice on where I can get decently priced pants or has a friend that is looking to sell some used clothes (size 8 or 10 with a 34" inseam), please HELP!!!!
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Practically perfect in every way.

For those of you that instantly recognized the title as a quote from Mary Poppins, you win 100 bonus points. For the rest of you, SHAME! Last weekend Jake and I embarked on our version of a babymoon. We took our bad ass mountaineering tent (discussed in old post) up the mountain where at least 5 feet of snow awaited. I have slept in an igloo (ghetto kosker style homemade igloo), slept in Adirondack shelters, and in warming huts every winter since I've been with Jake. However, this was my first tenting experience and it was by far my favorite! This is also the first time I had a thermarest AND a foam pad... perfection!

Oh, why the Mary Poppins reference? One our bushwhacking snowshoe excursion (in which preggo J-ROK thought her legs were going to detach at the pelvis), I looked around and realized that I was walking atop a CLOUD of snow. As a little (practically perfect) girl, I was SO envious of the opening scene of the movie when M.P. is sitting on a cloud, admiring her reflection, and making sure her umbrella doesn't fall through the cloud. As an adult, I think about how badly I want to do this every time I'm in an airplane hovering over the clouds (as soon as the plane descends into the clouds and I see how widely dispersed the vapors are, I change my mind).
Here are a few pics from our trip. Remember that this is ON TOP of 5 or 6 or more feet of snow. So what looks like baby trees are actually full grown and what looks like a full grown tree is an Oregon monster tree!
Getting ready for the backpack in.
Our cozy home among giants
Walkin on frozen CO2
Jake with 3-fingered Jack Mt. in the distance.


our dream home

I think it's Jake's way of "nesting". He has begun planning for our future home. We know that our dream of building a strawbale house is still a distant dream (I hope it's within our 5 year plan, but it might be more like 10 years), however it is fun to plan just the same. Though we sleep at different times, Jake has started reading me a bedtime story when he is home. The book is entitled "Strawbale Home Plans". How romantic!

I am a small house type of girl. I would even live in one of these (if I didn't have kids, had a guest house, and a storage shed): http://www.tumbleweedhouses.com/. I stumbled across this house recently and experienced some major hobbit envy/ ideas:

However, I also like bright, open spaces. I want at least 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, a living room, a basement/rec area (where the only tv will be), a den/music room, a kitchen that's open to the house, a big porch... That just doesn't sound small, does it?

Our friends, Todd and Shayne, have been building their dream home and we got to explore it this summer. Their dream home is very similar to our dream home and we will be happy to copy many of their well-researched ideas. My parents also built a huge strawbale shop/guest apartment, but I don't have any good pics to show you. I'll leave you with an adorable picture of Todd and Shayne in front of our... er... their dream home-in-progress.


Husband of the Year Turns 31 Today!

I do make an attempt not to be too sappy or lovestruck when blogging. It's tough when you're married to a guy like Jake. When I talk about him I often get flashbacks to a conversation I had with a friend once who was venting his annoyance about how his brother and sis-in-law gush about each other and still claim that they can't believe someone so wonderful would marry them.

So, I will wish my husband a very happy birthday, tell him that I am more in love with him today than I was on our wedding day, and I will guarantee him that I will make this year his best ever (need I remind you that there is a sock monkey festering inside me).

Today, one of my coworkers forwarded me a "Husband of the Year" email and said that the first pic reminded her of Jake and I. HILARIOUS! Jake wouldn't actually do this because he's always busy/distracted preparing camp feasts while I set-up the tent. Therefore, one side of the tent always has extra cushions and one side of the tent is about as hard as rocks. Yes, I sleep on the cushy side while my chef swears he likes the hard ground. It would be stupid to argue.

However, Jake DOES love his bicycle(s) and I do love sleeping under the stars. So, this scenario is plausible (if it was a cooler, more hard-core tent).