woman's best friend

My cat, Pickel, is a divine creature. Though I hate the thought of being a "cat lady" or personifying my ANIMAL, I truly truly love her.

On the nights when I let her in the bedroom, she drapes over my limbs no matter how many times I move. Her happiest moments are when Jake and I are lounging together somewhere and she finds a spot in which she is touching both of us. Really, it's freakin' adorable. To her, the biggest insult is if I do not create a lap for her when I am reading. She will look at me, paw at me, and sulk until I make space.

I know a lot of people claim to hate cats, but they are so wonderful! If you want a better, happier, calmer, healthier life- adopt a cat!


  1. this just made me miss my cats back home. especially gray cat (no, they don't have names!). he'll find a place to snuggle on you anywhere-even if you're just bent over doing laundry he'll climb up on your back! nash is in love with kitty kitty's as well. although i think if we had one around our house right now it would suffer endless torture by said toddler. some day...oh, well, and then there's the fact that steve HATES cats...

  2. Cute! I like pickel beacuse of her cuddliness. Sometimes I wish Vega wasn't so big so that she could more easily cuddle with me:)

  3. That's so cute. I love the picture. Even though I'm NOT a cat-lover, I'm realizing that it's only because of my darn allergies. Now that I've been co-habitating with Ruthie for a few months, I'm starting to realize that she's pretty darn cool, too. I'm so happy because Dad bought a laser-flashlight and I can finally play with her without having to touch her. ;-)

  4. We always had cats and dogs growing up, and I thought I was a cat person. Then I met Jay, who is wildly allergic to cats, and so I will never again be able to own one. HOWEVER - he is not allergic to dogs, and our dog is seriously a member of our family and we're both totally retarded for her. I think cats are great, but I have come to prefer dogs because they are SO unconditional in their love. Cats are self-sufficient and they kinda do what they want to do. Dogs are all about YOU! :)


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