Putting the OM in womb!

Dear world,

I'm PREGNANT!!!!!!!!! I want to shout it from the rooftops! We are SO excited! Today we had our 10-week ultrasound and everything is looking healthy and right on target. Actually, the baby looks like a sock monkey. I think that there are things my in-laws have not told me.

As my dear friend Kelly (Stutzman Scoop) guessed- this is the reason I've been MIA from my blog. It's the one topic that I'm always thinking about AND I'm so exhausted all of the time that I barely have the energy to open the laptop and log on.

As for what I haven't blogged about over the past 6 weeks (when I found out), I will be posting some previously written blogs. However, I think I can sum it up with a few tidy bullets:
  • Week 6 u/s after a tiny bit of bleeding showed a subchorionic hemmorhage. SUCKY! I put myself on couch-rest for a few days and semi-panicked. Luckily, there's been no bleeding since then and today confirmed the health of our fetus.
  • Morning sickness for me is really all-day queasiness. It peaks in the evenings. So, I shovel as much as possible in my mouth during the day because I might not be able to eat after 5pm.
  • Even if I can eat after 5pm, I'm way too tired to function! My bedtime has been between 7:30-9pm. For the few hours leading up to bed, I'm pretty much stuck on the couch trying not to nap.
  • I am at war with my bladder. I can usually sleep for 9 hours while knowing that I have to pee. Once I'm in bed- I'm staying there! However, that has changed and I'm now up around 3am every morning. I think I'm going to invest in a chamber pot...that rests under a big hole that I'm going to cut into my mattress.


  1. WOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOO! congratulations! man, everyone is getting pregnant these days. i think people get bored in the winter? i can't wait to find out what it is. don't worry, the severe fatigue doesn't last too long. the second trimester ROCKS-you feel So good. then the third sucks a little again (that's ususally when you can't eat much, you get heartburn and hemorrhoids, and you can't sleep). not to rain on the parade or anything....! SO EXCITING!!!

  2. julie- we are sOOOO happy for you and jake. try chewing cinnamon gum during the day to combat morning/day/night sickness. seemed to work for the wicked sickness i had with wilhelm. even went to bed with it in my mouth. look forward to hearing all about your journey on the blog and by calls. take care of you. bests

  3. I am so excited for you guys! My friend Jenny always had the evening sickness as well. Hopefully you start feeling better soon!
    PS I like your new background:)

  4. Julie, I'm really happy for you - you will be an awesome mother.

  5. I am so excited for you guys! I do have one little thing to share with you... I hope you don't mind.

    Going to the bathroom one extra time in the middle of the night is just the beginning! Wait until the 3rd trimester when you can't go more than 2 hours without peeing (sometimes every 20 minutes)! BUT... the exciting thing is that you can feel your little ones leg, elbow, head, whatever pushing on your bladder and the realization sets in that there is an actual person in there. Very cool!

    Sorry to hear that you are feeling sick! That is no fun!


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