Bring it on!

I just read two of my favorite blogs and both of these ladies (Kasch Blog and Elegantly Random) were talking about their New Year's Resolutions. I don't think that I've ever actually done a resolution. I tend to only do things I want to do... or things that will make Jake happy (I will mention here that I went duck hunting at dawn last Sunday).

However, this is gonna be a banner year for my little Kosker family! We're hoping to grow our family, we're starting the "what next" conversation as far as our geographical position and employments, and we're more financially stable than we've ever been in our lives (not saying that we don't have debt, but that we finally are completely in control of what's coming in and out).

So, this is the year that I will start a resolution. I'm going to be a nicer person and I'm going to seek new experiences. Sure, I know, I know- I'm already the nicest person you ever met (RIGHT!?*%$@!?) ... but the truth is that I'm not.

However, is there any feeling better than seeing someone and knowing that they are absolutely thrilled to see you? There are a few students that visit me during the school day and I'm pretty darn sure that I'm the only person in their life that makes them feel that way. So, I'm gonna branch out and make more students feel that way and branch out to include people my own age (I'm a bit of a social hermit most of the time).

I'm also going to turn the computer off, close my books, and do something new more often. Jake, my hubby, is really good at that and is constantly in motion trying new things. I however prefer sedentary hobbies revolving around the internet and reading. Both great things to do, but life is short and I want to live it all!

So, BRING IT ON two-double-oh-nine!


  1. You sound so much like me. I too love sedentary things like reading and watching movies and writing and knitting...thank goodness I have fallen in love with working out or I'd be frighteningly dormant!

    And also - your thoughts about brightening the lives of students - I swear it's the only reason I even go to my job a lot of days.

  2. I think I should aim to make other people's lives brighter, too. Good call on that one. That would naturally have the mirror effect on me, too! :-)


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