Livin' It!

This year Jake and I haven't gone as many weekend adventures as we did last year. However, we still do better than the aver-er-age bear! Recently, we went on an easy 2-mile hike to a huge suspension bridge over a beautiful gorge in the Coast Range. I have yet to meet an Oregonian that has been to this bridge even though it is only about an hour and a half away from my house. It's so true how tourists see things that locals never do! Though I have a permanent address and place of employment, I really am more of a tourist than an Oregonian.

This weekend we borrowed two sets of snow shoes from a friend and had planned to go on an overnight backpacking trip (from our list of things we better do now 'cause we won't next year). However, after sleeping for 11 hours last night and enjoying a leisurely breakfast, we only have about 5 hours of daylight left. SO, maybe not this weekend... but soon!


my healthy organic fetus?

12/22/08 This post is being written way before it is posted because I'm still in the iffy/secretive stage of the pregnancy.

My plan is to eat mega healthy during this pregnancy to give my fetus every advantage. I'm buying organic everything and cramming salad and yogurt into every day.

Ok, that is true, however the whole craving thing mixed with the whole nauseous thing is really messing me up! For example, the other day the ONLY thing I could imagine eating was a Wendy's baked potato and chili. I didn't even know if there was a Wendy's in Salem, but fortunately for my hunger- there was! Tonight the ONLY thing I could imagine eating was McDonald's chicken nuggets and fries. GROSS! Part of me still wants to vomit at the reality of what I just ate, but it's seriously the only thing that I could stomach. A strange combo.

If only I had never tasted anything unhealthy in my life, than I might have healthier cravings. However, as my supportive husband seems to understand- you do NOT deny or critize a pregnant woman.

Now I'm off to eat my Oreo McFlurry (does it make me evil that I hid that part from my hubby? I'm on a semi-bed rest and just couldn't admit to him that I was willing to add a McFlurry to my thunder thighs!).


what he doesn't know...

won't hurt him.

If you don't know my husband, let me fill you in a little bit. He is constantly active! Be it cooking, gardening, hunting, planning our next adventure, exploring, or talking to strangers he is literally the energizer bunny. He's interested in every subject and is only tired about 3 minutes before he actually goes to sleep. I think he may be an alien.

I, on the other hand, am a bit more subdued. He knows this and accepts it. In fact, during my daily veg time he is often very willing to deliver beverages and snacks. Incredible, right?

Well, due to our work schedules, I get a fair amount of alone time in the house. I have a weekend full of tv watching, pregnancy book reading, and internet surfing planned. He's aware of these semi-bad habits, but I don't think he has any idea what the true picture sometimes (often) looks like.

Tonight I am lounged on the couch, the computer is on my lap, a bag of sour gummy worms and a glass of water is next to me, and I'm catching up on trash tv (seriously, I'm watching old episodes of The Bachelor!).

I'm a little embarrassed, but confessions can be cleansing. Right?

p.s. I actually don't believe in confession- at least to anyone but God.


Putting the OM in womb!

Dear world,

I'm PREGNANT!!!!!!!!! I want to shout it from the rooftops! We are SO excited! Today we had our 10-week ultrasound and everything is looking healthy and right on target. Actually, the baby looks like a sock monkey. I think that there are things my in-laws have not told me.

As my dear friend Kelly (Stutzman Scoop) guessed- this is the reason I've been MIA from my blog. It's the one topic that I'm always thinking about AND I'm so exhausted all of the time that I barely have the energy to open the laptop and log on.

As for what I haven't blogged about over the past 6 weeks (when I found out), I will be posting some previously written blogs. However, I think I can sum it up with a few tidy bullets:
  • Week 6 u/s after a tiny bit of bleeding showed a subchorionic hemmorhage. SUCKY! I put myself on couch-rest for a few days and semi-panicked. Luckily, there's been no bleeding since then and today confirmed the health of our fetus.
  • Morning sickness for me is really all-day queasiness. It peaks in the evenings. So, I shovel as much as possible in my mouth during the day because I might not be able to eat after 5pm.
  • Even if I can eat after 5pm, I'm way too tired to function! My bedtime has been between 7:30-9pm. For the few hours leading up to bed, I'm pretty much stuck on the couch trying not to nap.
  • I am at war with my bladder. I can usually sleep for 9 hours while knowing that I have to pee. Once I'm in bed- I'm staying there! However, that has changed and I'm now up around 3am every morning. I think I'm going to invest in a chamber pot...that rests under a big hole that I'm going to cut into my mattress.


woman's best friend

My cat, Pickel, is a divine creature. Though I hate the thought of being a "cat lady" or personifying my ANIMAL, I truly truly love her.

On the nights when I let her in the bedroom, she drapes over my limbs no matter how many times I move. Her happiest moments are when Jake and I are lounging together somewhere and she finds a spot in which she is touching both of us. Really, it's freakin' adorable. To her, the biggest insult is if I do not create a lap for her when I am reading. She will look at me, paw at me, and sulk until I make space.

I know a lot of people claim to hate cats, but they are so wonderful! If you want a better, happier, calmer, healthier life- adopt a cat!


Bring it on!

I just read two of my favorite blogs and both of these ladies (Kasch Blog and Elegantly Random) were talking about their New Year's Resolutions. I don't think that I've ever actually done a resolution. I tend to only do things I want to do... or things that will make Jake happy (I will mention here that I went duck hunting at dawn last Sunday).

However, this is gonna be a banner year for my little Kosker family! We're hoping to grow our family, we're starting the "what next" conversation as far as our geographical position and employments, and we're more financially stable than we've ever been in our lives (not saying that we don't have debt, but that we finally are completely in control of what's coming in and out).

So, this is the year that I will start a resolution. I'm going to be a nicer person and I'm going to seek new experiences. Sure, I know, I know- I'm already the nicest person you ever met (RIGHT!?*%$@!?) ... but the truth is that I'm not.

However, is there any feeling better than seeing someone and knowing that they are absolutely thrilled to see you? There are a few students that visit me during the school day and I'm pretty darn sure that I'm the only person in their life that makes them feel that way. So, I'm gonna branch out and make more students feel that way and branch out to include people my own age (I'm a bit of a social hermit most of the time).

I'm also going to turn the computer off, close my books, and do something new more often. Jake, my hubby, is really good at that and is constantly in motion trying new things. I however prefer sedentary hobbies revolving around the internet and reading. Both great things to do, but life is short and I want to live it all!

So, BRING IT ON two-double-oh-nine!