my healthy organic fetus?

12/22/08 This post is being written way before it is posted because I'm still in the iffy/secretive stage of the pregnancy.

My plan is to eat mega healthy during this pregnancy to give my fetus every advantage. I'm buying organic everything and cramming salad and yogurt into every day.

Ok, that is true, however the whole craving thing mixed with the whole nauseous thing is really messing me up! For example, the other day the ONLY thing I could imagine eating was a Wendy's baked potato and chili. I didn't even know if there was a Wendy's in Salem, but fortunately for my hunger- there was! Tonight the ONLY thing I could imagine eating was McDonald's chicken nuggets and fries. GROSS! Part of me still wants to vomit at the reality of what I just ate, but it's seriously the only thing that I could stomach. A strange combo.

If only I had never tasted anything unhealthy in my life, than I might have healthier cravings. However, as my supportive husband seems to understand- you do NOT deny or critize a pregnant woman.

Now I'm off to eat my Oreo McFlurry (does it make me evil that I hid that part from my hubby? I'm on a semi-bed rest and just couldn't admit to him that I was willing to add a McFlurry to my thunder thighs!).


  1. ha ha! At least you had pregnancy to explain and justify these things. I do them, without being preggo. What does that make me? A binger- I suppose. :-( Maybe I should go get pregnant! ;-) jk.

  2. I think you are being to hard on yourself! When I visited this summer I was very impressed with your diet. I think you are healthier than you think! I love attempting to be organic as well but it's hard. Don't tell anyone but I had mac'n cheese yesterday for dinner and a steak from Outback tonight... So much for my new years resolution to eat organic and local! Sometimes comfort food wins:)

  3. Why were you on semi-bed rest? Details!

  4. Julie, first of all you do not have "thunder thighs." Your thighs are musclular glories at the top of your luscious legs. Also, I hope that people are not under the impression that I think you are a fatty or are concerned about weight gain. I'm not even concerned about junk food really. I just want to get more good stuff to the "sock monkey" (as you call it) like veggies and protein foods.

  5. I had my first EVER Big Mac (and second and third and forth and so on and so on) when I was pregnant. I would be happy now to never have a Big Mac again in my life but at the time it was the only thing I could think about.

  6. My mom was telling me yesterday how she ate much more worse for Ben than for me.

    It made me feel like a champ.

    Congratulations by the way! My mother was very excited.

  7. Let me try again (after the message you left me last night... maybe this will motivate you in the other direction): I had such a huge craving for fresh fruit and organic veggies. It was all I could think about when I was pregnant... aghhh, who am I kidding. Baby likey Big Mac.

  8. Erin craved McDonald's as well.

    On funny note. When Karen Lindeman was pregnant with Mary back in '96, we all called them "Lee, Karen and fetus"


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