Christmas Gift Idea #3: Here's one that's not even on my master list! Puffy vests in every color! I already have a lilac one and a black one, but I wear them every day! I used to not understand vests, I mean arms should not be exposed. But I get it now and I love them!

Holiday Cheermeister Tip #3: Buy a felt gift bag to turn your regular throw pillows into holiday delights! (crafty side note: I was planning on making a red felt pillow cover and then somehow putting white snowflakes on it. Then I walked into Bed Bath & Beyond and saw this mega felt bag for about $6! SCORE!)


  1. I love your oh-so-subtle-gift-ideas/hints. Hopefully Santa brings you everything you wish for! I guess the holidays have been a busy time for both of us, but we should definitely get together in January!


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