Christmas Gift Idea #2:

I borrowed candlesticks for my Thanksgiving table and I do NOT want to give them back! I hate bright lights, so a few candlesticks is exactly what I want when it comes to lighting. I would be hard pressed to choose exactly the candlesticks that I want because I want a diverse assortment, but definitely in sets of 2 or 3. I have a thing for patterns!

Christmas Cheermeister Wanna-be Tip #2:

Get an Advent Calendar. Today I received an invite to a "Keep the Christ in Christmas" group on Facebook and remembered that I desperately want to find an Advent calendar to use this year. Advent is the time of year when Christians prepare and await the celebration of the birth of Christ. Advent officially begins this coming Sunday (Dec. 7th), so there is still time for you to do something. In the past I've had a special candle that I light every evening at dinner as a way to remember, meditate, and prepare.

When I got home from work today, there was a care package waiting for me with instructions to open December 1st. So, over dinner, Jake and I got our first Christmas present! I screamed for 3 entire minutes and declared it my favorite gift this year. So, if you are one of the people getting me a gift this year, shoot for 2nd favorite :) My sister had made a felt advent calendar for herself and I oohed and ahhed over it a few years ago. Now I have my OWN!
(The photos do not do it justice because I promptly hung my calendar up on my ugly, wooden. built-in media center- so I had to try to throw solid colors behind the calendar to snap the poorly lit photos.)


  1. yay! I'm so glad that you like it. I had a BLAST making it for you. And, just for your information, yours is much better than mine. I put more numbers, time, and love into it.
    Happy Advent! (Which started last Sunday, btw)

  2. what a thoughtful sister and what an awesome calendar! i'd love to know how to make it. i'm sure it involves a little time. hope you guys are doing well. enjoy preparing for advent.

  3. What a great gift! I was just thinking today how I need to get an Advent wreath for my kitchen table... I'd better get moving!

    Thanks for the reminder of what the season is all about!

  4. What a wonderful keepsake from a sister who DOES love you!!!!

  5. That is amazing! I would love to learn how to make one of those:) Great Job Marianne!


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