25 Days of Christmas Merriment!

Christmas countdown banner
If you are like me, you simply cannot believe that December is HERE! My hubby has already claimed the title of "The Holiday Cheermeister"... in fact he begged to be called that about 2 weeks ago! Ridiculous! But starting today, I will replace his "Master" title for "Holiday Cheermeister". As in "Yes Holiday Cheermeister" or "At your service Holiday Cheermeister".

I have been working on my Christmas list and checking it twice. None of my relatives have asked for gift ideas, so I'll post some - just in case they're being bashful. If they decide to do something charitable or earthy in my name- that would certainly be cool.

Gift idea #1:
  • Spread the wealth to those who actually NEED it. End world hunger, give people a chance, and help the earth with The Heifer Project (and not just 'cause I love the name) or give a deserving child the gift of a "Life Changing Adventure in Faith", the place that means the world to me, Camp Lutherlyn.

Christmas Cheermeister wanna-be tip #1:

  • Cheer up your loved ones by sending a photo card (side note: I LOVE Christmas letters and appreciate a card with your signature, but my favorite combo is pictures with a letter!). Now, I'm a bit of a slacker and haven't thought about Christmas cards, but perhaps I'll let this talented artist do the work and feel really good about all the profit going to the artist! Check out these gorgeous Christmas Photo Cards (tell her Kosker's Idlewild sent you): LTB Designs.


  1. we've decided to the charity route as well this year. the only things i need/want are WAY out of my budget, so might as well hope those who are in need of real things like food (not a $2000 camera like me!).

    thanks for christmas card plug! i just might be willing to hook you up with a little discount for that!

  2. yep. I LOVE her photo cards. They're adorable! Are you going to have them? Hope so! :-)
    love you!


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