Snap(fish) to it!

I am predicting that most of my fellow bloggers will be MIA for the next 36 hours.
I know Lizzythebotanist is elbow deep in the same project. The reason is - we are all frantically cashing in on Opera's offer to make a free snapfish photo book. I made photo books from Mypublisher.com for our 3 moms after our wedding and they were SO cool! Wish I could make a wedding one for myself, but that would end my streak of never finishing a scrapbook for myself.... an accomplishment that I am oh-so-proud of!

Anyway, I am bound and determined to make at least two photo books before SUNDAY (therefore ending my streak, but I'm sure I'll slack somewhere else in life to make up for it)! Yes, I already cornered a non-techy friend and will be using her name and address to work the system and get two books for free. REBEL! (To the snapfish interns who are looking for such gluttonous misuse of this deal: The friend whose identity I will be using to make my 2nd album is about to have a baby. Once I show her my masterpiece- I fully expect her to embrace the technological age and go hog wild with albums of her growing family. You can reimburse me for marketing for you by giving me another credit for a photo book.)

I've begun working on the album of our move west (entitled "On the Oregon Trail". How original!) and I think there may be some foul play going on. The snapfish site is SO slow! Do not try to blame my computer or my internet connection- they are my lifeline to the world and I don't mess around with that. Anyway, I'm still on the COVER because things have been taking so long to load! I think I'll call it a night and do this all night on Friday in hopes that the East Coast cheapskates will get off snapfish and let me use it.

Speaking of East Coast. I feel really cutting edge because I knew about this deal before it even AIRED! Only because my mother who knows me so well watched Opera on the East Coast and emailed me before it aired my time.

If you hadn't heard of this deal yet- hurry up! You have to register before midnight on Friday and finish the book by midnight on Sunday. How many years of photos do you have sitting on your hard drive? Just think about how good it will feel to do something with them (not to mention that they'll finally be printed in case your computer throws up!).


  1. cool! I'm in! Where do I sign up?

  2. Julie, I'm currently uploading 117 photos!!! Thanks for the idea. It's going to make a great Christmas gift for Craig's Mom. I tried to make two by creating a different login, but the little circle that said oprah viewers click here was gone the second time around. If you are able to get two, let me know how. Thanks for posting this!! I just hope I can get it done before Sunday!
    :) Kelly


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