As my mother so politely pointed out- you can't play the piano with long finger nails. Last night I decided that I would play a short diddy (like P.Diddy) for my students and so off went the fingernails. I have to admit that I'm glad I finally did it! I can type SO much easier, Jake no longer fidgets with them and pulls them back, and my nails don't click on the piano keys. My ex-nun (I assume it's a long and rather delicate story) piano teacher would have cringed to see me tickling the ivories with those nails!

I can't believe that I just blogged twice about my fingernails. I clearly need some inspiration for new content :)

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  1. Julie- I love reading your blog!, even though you HAVE posted 2 times about your finger nails :) They always make me chuckle!

    Erin 'drago' (you probably didnt know I was a subscriber!)


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