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As my inner circle of family and friends will tell you, I hate talking on the phone. I absolutely loathe it. For one, it's just not enough. If I don't see or talk to someone regularly, I want more than a phone call to reconnect with them. For another, I'm not very good at focusing on the phone because my eyes and fingers are idle. So, I inevitably start cleaning, checking my email, or cook a meal (which I then can't eat 'cause my mouth is talking to you).

I have had the same conversation with all of my loved ones- just had this convo the other day with Stutzman Scoop. We talk about how we are great friends and how even though we don't talk regularly, the friendship is intact. When I sit and think about how many people there are that I truly care about and want to know how they are doing, I realize how freakin' popular I am. Ha, no- I realize how significant shared memories are and how lucky I am to have so many cool people in my life.

In one of my undergraduate Psych classes we learned the formula for relationships. LOCATION + THE OPPORTUNITY TO INTERACT. So Simple! It seems like it's not enough, eh? And yet, think about your inner circle. Probably a pretty diverse group.

I have Ms. Coach Bag herself, Anne from college- we couldn't be more different and yet I absolutely love her. I have my Venango County people who I can't wait to move home too. I have Igor, the neurosurgeon in Ukraine. I have Shannon, the girl I've camped and partied alongside of. I have cyber friends who maybe I met in real life, but the friendship has blossomed through social networking websites. I have my T men (Trenton, Ty, and Trey) who know me almost as well as my family members. Just beginning to think about who I could mention here and pick out the strange connections and shared experiences I have with each and every one of them makes me feel giddy with gratitude.

Though most of my inner circle shares common interests with me, not all of them do and I think that's really nifty (people that use the word nifty are automatically part of my inner circle!). Just don't be waiting for me to call.... that's just not gonna happen!


  1. I'M FAMOUS!!!!!!!!!!! YOU TOLD ME I'D MAKE IT IN ONE DAY!!!! And I love you too Jules!!! I don't want to hear you make fun of my bags...I do not own a pair of designer jeans! I BELIEVE YOU DO!!!!!

  2. I love you Jules! We all know you hate to talk on the phone:) I swear one day I'll sign up for Skype. If my company sends me to Italy it will be sooner rather than later!


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