murphy's law

I absolutely hate shopping. I would love to walk around a room full of people my size and purchase the clothing they are modeling or walk through people's homes and purchase home decor. But walking into a giant store that caterers to a gazillion different tastes and pocket books... gag me!

That being said, I made a semi-impulse buy today and boy was it a pick-me-up!!! I've been wanting to purchase a pair of awesome jeans for a long time and today all of the negative factors (common sense, priorities, etc.) simply didn't seem to matter. The reason is if I am lucky enough to get pregnant this year, well then I won't be in the position to buy something frivilous for myself for umm... the next 23-odd years. No day but today, eh? (who has RENT playing through their head now?)

So, I walked into the overlypriced high-end department store, walked straight up to a Sales Associate, and asked to be pointed to a perfect pair of jeans. Glancing around the store, I saw jeans in no less than 4 different areas. In retrospect, I perhaps should have spent more time describing what I was looking for, but the S.A. pointed to the counter directly in front of me, we grabbed a few pairs and headed to the dressing room. At first I was ticked that they didn't have talls, but then she politely explained that all of the jeans have a 35" inseam and the in-store tailor hems according to height. Is this heaven???

Because the pair I (or more accurately, she) choose have a lot of stretch to them, she talked me into the super tight pair. She assures me that they will loosen over time and I'll be glad I went with the smaller size. Um, shouldn't these diamond-encrusted jeans NOT stretch? Oh well, I'm wearing them, my tush looks brand new, and I feel happy. Now, I hope Murphy's Law works out and the one time I splurge AND buy tight jeans... I end up getting prego pronto ;)


  1. As I was reading this I forgot it was titled Murphy's Law and was thinking new jeans? She will be pregnant within the month! haha:) I've been considering buying myself some nice jeans. I HATE shopping for them though! I also hate that most designers (OK by designer I mean like GAP or Anne Taylor Loft:) change their jeans almost yearly! I find a pair that I like wear them out and they have change the design by the time I try and get another:( BOOOO! Additionally, most GAP stores don't even sale the shorter sizes in store you have to order them!

  2. a roommate sold me on a basic pair of 7 for all mankind jeans about five years ago and i've never looked back. sure, you could buy about 5 pairs at the gap for the price of one pair of sevens, but it is soooo worth it. they look good. with anything. everyday. i wear them into the ground. every once in a while i'll think i should be cheap (you know, cause we're in law school and are living on student loans) and i'll buy some at the gap. and they always suck. i like them for one day and i regret the purchase for many many more. welcome to the dark side, my friend! designer jeans and dangly ones!!!

  3. You will definitely be a MILF soon. I think the planets will align between your hunter returning from the wild and those new jeans...here's to your eggo getting preggo.

  4. LIZ...those are the exact jeans I bought (dojos)!! Of all the overpriced jeans in the world... I actually feel better that you like them too- since I didn't look at any other brands!

    NICOLE- you are the ultimate MILF and I miss you very much :) Thanks for offering my 7-days-without-bathing husband a place to clean-up and crash!


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