the initial conversation

One of my hobbies when I give my thoughts the freedom to travel, is to think about the initial conversation behind products, names, and ideas.

This afternoon on my drive home from work, the store name "Bed Bath & Beyond" popped into my head. NO idea why (no I did not pass this store)! Anyway, there is only one possibility for this initial conversation and it is so lame that I think I might have stop shopping there (I've probably shopped their twice in my life... though I did get my all-time favorite pillow there this year).

In case your thoughts don't feel like traveling to that particular initial conversation, I'll type it out for you and try to embellish it to make it sound like my thoughts are more entertaining then they really are:

"Esmerelda, I want to start a store that focuses on products for the bedroom and bathroom. I'll market it to women of all ages."

"Sounds like a good niche, Ray, but as a woman I like to one-stop-shop for my household goods. So, I think adding kitchen stuff would be good."

"Ok, E, but the focus must be on the bedroom and bathroom. I really want to focus on fabrics and dishes. What should we name it?"

"Hmm, we have a nice alliteration going on with Bed and Bath..."

"Yeah, there would be no confusion, but how do we insinuate that we have more than just that?"

"by the way. besides. beyond.... BEYOND!

"Bed Bath and Beyond!!!!!!!!!!"

"Perfect. I love you Raymond." "I love you too Esmerelda."

(names have been changed to protect people's identities.)

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  1. oh my gosh. you gotta get those thoughts under control! :-)
    (BTW- I'm laughing terribly about this story. Too funny!)


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