Holiday Fever

Jake wants to write a post about Christmas. He is adorably excited about Christmas this year. I don't know what he thinks he's gonna get 'cause I plan on just digging some used coal out of the fireplace. I'm telling you so that you can peer pressure him into writing.

I will be finessing my Christmas wish list this week (and then I will post it. hey, the earring post worked well for me and now i'm greedy.). To do that, I'll be perusing the coolmompicks suggestions... it's as close to a personal shopper as I'm gonna get.

Holiday Gift Guide 2008


  1. Thanks! I'm psyched I'm almost as cool as my mother. I'm not telling her you said that though!

  2. ha! I have a second set of coal lumps already wrapped for you guys. I hope you can use more than one! ;-)

  3. You know that coal is probably a good investment... if you put enough pressure and heat on it for enough years you might have some diamonds! :)


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