You are a homo

I, Jake get to post today. This is really Julie's blog but there are times when special events call for special measures.
As I was making dinner for Julie she was playfully kidding me as she usually does every day when she comes home. At some point I cursed back at her and as she reached into the refrigerator she said, "No. You are a homo." I looked at her in amused puzzlement and was wondering why in the world she pulled that one from thin air. She popped up and produced the carton as she quickly said, "A homo. Cause you bought homo milk."

Enough said. I love my wife.


the initial conversation

One of my hobbies when I give my thoughts the freedom to travel, is to think about the initial conversation behind products, names, and ideas.

This afternoon on my drive home from work, the store name "Bed Bath & Beyond" popped into my head. NO idea why (no I did not pass this store)! Anyway, there is only one possibility for this initial conversation and it is so lame that I think I might have stop shopping there (I've probably shopped their twice in my life... though I did get my all-time favorite pillow there this year).

In case your thoughts don't feel like traveling to that particular initial conversation, I'll type it out for you and try to embellish it to make it sound like my thoughts are more entertaining then they really are:

"Esmerelda, I want to start a store that focuses on products for the bedroom and bathroom. I'll market it to women of all ages."

"Sounds like a good niche, Ray, but as a woman I like to one-stop-shop for my household goods. So, I think adding kitchen stuff would be good."

"Ok, E, but the focus must be on the bedroom and bathroom. I really want to focus on fabrics and dishes. What should we name it?"

"Hmm, we have a nice alliteration going on with Bed and Bath..."

"Yeah, there would be no confusion, but how do we insinuate that we have more than just that?"

"by the way. besides. beyond.... BEYOND!

"Bed Bath and Beyond!!!!!!!!!!"

"Perfect. I love you Raymond." "I love you too Esmerelda."

(names have been changed to protect people's identities.)


Holiday Fever

Jake wants to write a post about Christmas. He is adorably excited about Christmas this year. I don't know what he thinks he's gonna get 'cause I plan on just digging some used coal out of the fireplace. I'm telling you so that you can peer pressure him into writing.

I will be finessing my Christmas wish list this week (and then I will post it. hey, the earring post worked well for me and now i'm greedy.). To do that, I'll be perusing the coolmompicks suggestions... it's as close to a personal shopper as I'm gonna get.

Holiday Gift Guide 2008


please leave a message after the beep

As my inner circle of family and friends will tell you, I hate talking on the phone. I absolutely loathe it. For one, it's just not enough. If I don't see or talk to someone regularly, I want more than a phone call to reconnect with them. For another, I'm not very good at focusing on the phone because my eyes and fingers are idle. So, I inevitably start cleaning, checking my email, or cook a meal (which I then can't eat 'cause my mouth is talking to you).

I have had the same conversation with all of my loved ones- just had this convo the other day with Stutzman Scoop. We talk about how we are great friends and how even though we don't talk regularly, the friendship is intact. When I sit and think about how many people there are that I truly care about and want to know how they are doing, I realize how freakin' popular I am. Ha, no- I realize how significant shared memories are and how lucky I am to have so many cool people in my life.

In one of my undergraduate Psych classes we learned the formula for relationships. LOCATION + THE OPPORTUNITY TO INTERACT. So Simple! It seems like it's not enough, eh? And yet, think about your inner circle. Probably a pretty diverse group.

I have Ms. Coach Bag herself, Anne from college- we couldn't be more different and yet I absolutely love her. I have my Venango County people who I can't wait to move home too. I have Igor, the neurosurgeon in Ukraine. I have Shannon, the girl I've camped and partied alongside of. I have cyber friends who maybe I met in real life, but the friendship has blossomed through social networking websites. I have my T men (Trenton, Ty, and Trey) who know me almost as well as my family members. Just beginning to think about who I could mention here and pick out the strange connections and shared experiences I have with each and every one of them makes me feel giddy with gratitude.

Though most of my inner circle shares common interests with me, not all of them do and I think that's really nifty (people that use the word nifty are automatically part of my inner circle!). Just don't be waiting for me to call.... that's just not gonna happen!


Snap(fish) to it!

I am predicting that most of my fellow bloggers will be MIA for the next 36 hours.
I know Lizzythebotanist is elbow deep in the same project. The reason is - we are all frantically cashing in on Opera's offer to make a free snapfish photo book. I made photo books from Mypublisher.com for our 3 moms after our wedding and they were SO cool! Wish I could make a wedding one for myself, but that would end my streak of never finishing a scrapbook for myself.... an accomplishment that I am oh-so-proud of!

Anyway, I am bound and determined to make at least two photo books before SUNDAY (therefore ending my streak, but I'm sure I'll slack somewhere else in life to make up for it)! Yes, I already cornered a non-techy friend and will be using her name and address to work the system and get two books for free. REBEL! (To the snapfish interns who are looking for such gluttonous misuse of this deal: The friend whose identity I will be using to make my 2nd album is about to have a baby. Once I show her my masterpiece- I fully expect her to embrace the technological age and go hog wild with albums of her growing family. You can reimburse me for marketing for you by giving me another credit for a photo book.)

I've begun working on the album of our move west (entitled "On the Oregon Trail". How original!) and I think there may be some foul play going on. The snapfish site is SO slow! Do not try to blame my computer or my internet connection- they are my lifeline to the world and I don't mess around with that. Anyway, I'm still on the COVER because things have been taking so long to load! I think I'll call it a night and do this all night on Friday in hopes that the East Coast cheapskates will get off snapfish and let me use it.

Speaking of East Coast. I feel really cutting edge because I knew about this deal before it even AIRED! Only because my mother who knows me so well watched Opera on the East Coast and emailed me before it aired my time.

If you hadn't heard of this deal yet- hurry up! You have to register before midnight on Friday and finish the book by midnight on Sunday. How many years of photos do you have sitting on your hard drive? Just think about how good it will feel to do something with them (not to mention that they'll finally be printed in case your computer throws up!).



As my mother so politely pointed out- you can't play the piano with long finger nails. Last night I decided that I would play a short diddy (like P.Diddy) for my students and so off went the fingernails. I have to admit that I'm glad I finally did it! I can type SO much easier, Jake no longer fidgets with them and pulls them back, and my nails don't click on the piano keys. My ex-nun (I assume it's a long and rather delicate story) piano teacher would have cringed to see me tickling the ivories with those nails!

I can't believe that I just blogged twice about my fingernails. I clearly need some inspiration for new content :)


cat woman

Yikes- scary photo! I have neglected my nails for more than a few weeks and now I have the longest nails of my life! I have a twisted fascination with them. I wonder how long they'll grow? They officially affect my typing abilities and for some reason I hit caps lock every time I type the letter "a". Yup, they are making my life difficult and I know that it's time to cut them, but...


Oh happy day (next 4 years!!!)

OBAMA TO BE NEXT PRESIDENT (copy and pasted from cnn.com)!!!

It's 8:05 pm Pacific Time and I am CELEBRATING!!! I can't even imagine what life will be like with a President that I respect, admire, did I mention respect???? I am SO proud of the US! I know that our country has some tough times ahead regardless of our President, but for the first time in 8 years- I'm not embarrassed of my Government (well, our future Government)!


murphy's law

I absolutely hate shopping. I would love to walk around a room full of people my size and purchase the clothing they are modeling or walk through people's homes and purchase home decor. But walking into a giant store that caterers to a gazillion different tastes and pocket books... gag me!

That being said, I made a semi-impulse buy today and boy was it a pick-me-up!!! I've been wanting to purchase a pair of awesome jeans for a long time and today all of the negative factors (common sense, priorities, etc.) simply didn't seem to matter. The reason is if I am lucky enough to get pregnant this year, well then I won't be in the position to buy something frivilous for myself for umm... the next 23-odd years. No day but today, eh? (who has RENT playing through their head now?)

So, I walked into the overlypriced high-end department store, walked straight up to a Sales Associate, and asked to be pointed to a perfect pair of jeans. Glancing around the store, I saw jeans in no less than 4 different areas. In retrospect, I perhaps should have spent more time describing what I was looking for, but the S.A. pointed to the counter directly in front of me, we grabbed a few pairs and headed to the dressing room. At first I was ticked that they didn't have talls, but then she politely explained that all of the jeans have a 35" inseam and the in-store tailor hems according to height. Is this heaven???

Because the pair I (or more accurately, she) choose have a lot of stretch to them, she talked me into the super tight pair. She assures me that they will loosen over time and I'll be glad I went with the smaller size. Um, shouldn't these diamond-encrusted jeans NOT stretch? Oh well, I'm wearing them, my tush looks brand new, and I feel happy. Now, I hope Murphy's Law works out and the one time I splurge AND buy tight jeans... I end up getting prego pronto ;)