trick or treat...

We went to a Halloween Party a few weeks ago. Our costume theme/goal was to do something to match Jake's mohawk. I LOVE the top pic... the hawk, cross earring, and fake cigarette... the anthesis of my husband.

Happy Halloween! I haven't been trick-or-treating since maybe 5th grade and I've NEVER distributed candy at my door (because I usually live in BFE). This year, I tried to fight back my loneliness by joining the community in their festivities. Since my house is only accessible by a dark creepy alley, I didn't plan on getting many goblins at my door. So, I turned the carport light on, hung a bag of candy on the door, and went for a walk. (note: the bag was still full when I returned and noone has knocked yet...what a loser!)

WAIT A MINUTE... since when do houses in neighborhoods not give out candy? I have memories of the streets of Oil City teeming with costumed kids, stepping into decorated yards, and literally going house to house. I walked for AN HOUR around my neighborhood and each street had MAYBE three houses with their lights on. Maybe every 4th block had ONE house that was decorated. DISGRACEFUL!

And why is there no set age criteria for trick-or-treating? I saw a few greedy teenagers knocking on a door and the brats didn't even have the decency to put a costume on!!! Another group of greedy teenagers were in costumes but fighting about wasting time and how to get more candy. PARENTS... THIS IS NOT OK! I think that age 12 should be the cut-off. Once you're a teenager you can dress up and go to a Halloween party, but stay off the old ladies porches. Plus, teenagers have enough hormone problems without adding excess sugar and weight gain!

To end this with a positive note: As I was walking, the cold hard fact that I live without my people around me and in my neighborhood was hitting me kind of hard. As I began to sink into the depths of self pity, I heard "Hey Kosker!". Huh? Yup, one of my coworkers lives just a few streets away from me and I had no idea. So, now I have to wonder if that was God's way of telling me that I do have people here? I think I might start packing anyway...


  1. people are definitely losing the spirit of halloween-i think mostly for safety reasons. but we went tonight in a neighborhood here and it was awesome. every house was decked out and passing out candy. kids everywhere (all under 12), leaves blowing. ah, it was idyllic. i loved every second of it.

  2. I agree you should start packing! Just kidding:) That's great that you found a coworker nearby. How nice. I LOVE Jake's hair! I hope he keeps the mohawk! Haha! You guys look great in that picture:)

  3. sounds like fun, except for your mini pity-party. I'm glad that you pulled out of it. And- you look super hot as a punk chick! :-)

  4. on the plus side here, you guys look awesome!!!


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