strawberries in the fall

Well, perhaps it's not a lot, but for the first time EVER (about 3 years of trying) Jake and I have a successful strawberry plant! I happen to know that commercial strawberries hold a high amount of toxins and it is one of the main fruits that you should avoid (someday I'll get Jake to blog about Dr. Weil's book which explains this). I've never stopped eatting store bought strawberries, but now I'm not sure if my taste buds can go back. Nothing compares to the exquisite flavor of my homegrown strawberries! They are so naturally sweet and juicy... it's all I can do from chowing down on all of our small supply and leave Jake only the stems!

The strawberries have helped pull me from my current funk. Fall is my favorite season and yet this year I just feel robbed of green time. I'm not ready for winter and that mindset is ruining my fall! Over the next few days, I'm going to be on a hunt for fall goodness. It's time I get myself back in the present and enjoy all the wonderful treats that fall brings! I need to focus on fall and not what it preludes.


  1. NICE! Are they wild strawberries? I love wild strawberries. When I was younger I dug some up in the woods and brought them home for my mom to plant in her flower garden. At the time I had no idea what they were I just liked the flower:) When they turned into berries I was so excited! They didn't get very big or last very long but they were super yummy! PS I had no idea store bought strawberries had tons of toxins:( That makes me sad.

  2. i'm having the same dilemma this fall. i love fall but i hate winter. and having a baby in the spring sort of sucked up the first half of my summer, so i feel like this is way way way too soon for snow on the mountains (yes, there is snow on the mountains here). i actually cried on labor day because it was cold.

  3. Start knitting. Build a fire. Bake something cinnamon-y. It'll help embrace the cold with the warm feeling of winter. Or, put on your trendiest vest and cap and go for a walk in through the colorful trees. You'll feel like a REI ad!

    Last weekend, we went camping and it was C-O-L-D! We gave up on the hard-core camping and went inside where we built a fire in the stove and Christoph made mulled wine. It suddenly smelled all Christmas-y and warm and lovely. Sure, it's too early for Christmas, but the feeling was nice!


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