My great white

Jake is officially off. He is embarking on his 7-10 day solo hunt. Well, tonight and tomorrow he will be kayaking with a friend, but then he's off to Eastern Oregon. The car is outfitted and I have to admit- it's pretty sweet. He will be sleeping in the car and he's spent the past 24-hours making our Toyota Matrix into a custom fit camper. I'll post pics when he returns... he has the camera.

Now I have a lot of time on my hands. Jake is always the productive one in our little family... and this week I'm going to work on finding my own niche. There are plethora of tomatoes and apples that need to be dealt with, there are unfinished sewing projects, and my metabolism has probably hit negative numbers (judging by my extreme chill even when hiking- Jake agrees that my metabolism has shut down). So, I'll let you know what I do with my productive time... starting tomorrow :)

p.s. "no misspellings found" in this post! I never get that spell check message :)

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  1. have fun with your bachlorette week! We're thinking about Jake!


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