FALLin in love

Pumpkin Patch with Mt. Hood in the distance. Gresham, Oregon.
Last weekend as I was driving with my grandparents through the countryside- we saw this gorgeous view. I have been on a quest to fully appreciate fall this year and I am succeeding. I have to look a little harder out west to find the beautiful red, orange and yellow leaves- but they pop up every now again. It's not as bountiful as fall in Pennsylvania, but this year I'm happy to exchange the fall leaves for this view of Mt. Hood over a pumpkin patch.


  1. WOW! Beautiful Picture!!! I very much missed the changing of the leaves when I lived down south. I kept waiting for it but the leaves would just die and fall of the trees brown:( I hope the fall weather is treating you well!

  2. that's awesome! I love this picture. Now, I'm going to try to make it look different with adobe photoshop. . . ;-)
    great shot, though!


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