Am I the freak?

I just decided to start a new series in my blog.

Today's topic: High School Cheerleaders.

I've noticed that in every tv and movie clip involving stereotypical student roles, there are always cheerleaders...in their uniforms! Now I realize that I went to the only HS in history to not have a football team, marching band, etc. However, the cheerleaders did not wear their uniforms every day! They did wear them a few times for the BIG games (meaning basketball... Go Berries!), but it was a rarity (thank God!).

Am I?


  1. TOTALLY! HA! You didn't have a football team? I'm shocked!

  2. I'd like to mention here that JROK was a Jr. High Cheerleader- skinny chicken legs and all. Maybe you wished that you could have worn your uniform more often? ;-)

    Okay: Next weird stereotype: The artsy/nerdy/freaks. In movies, they're always best friends. But in real life, when did you see the Goth freaks best friends with the geeks?

    Actually, though, when I think about Cranberry- it was too small to have these stereotypes. Every student was in many cliques.

  3. I have a confession to make as well... I was a junior high cheerleader too! Haha! Also I started trying out for high school cheerleading then after a day or two I decided it was rediculous (I was right!) so I dropped out of the try outs to speand my time as a soccer player, long distance runner, and band geek:)


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