trick or treat...

We went to a Halloween Party a few weeks ago. Our costume theme/goal was to do something to match Jake's mohawk. I LOVE the top pic... the hawk, cross earring, and fake cigarette... the anthesis of my husband.

Happy Halloween! I haven't been trick-or-treating since maybe 5th grade and I've NEVER distributed candy at my door (because I usually live in BFE). This year, I tried to fight back my loneliness by joining the community in their festivities. Since my house is only accessible by a dark creepy alley, I didn't plan on getting many goblins at my door. So, I turned the carport light on, hung a bag of candy on the door, and went for a walk. (note: the bag was still full when I returned and noone has knocked yet...what a loser!)

WAIT A MINUTE... since when do houses in neighborhoods not give out candy? I have memories of the streets of Oil City teeming with costumed kids, stepping into decorated yards, and literally going house to house. I walked for AN HOUR around my neighborhood and each street had MAYBE three houses with their lights on. Maybe every 4th block had ONE house that was decorated. DISGRACEFUL!

And why is there no set age criteria for trick-or-treating? I saw a few greedy teenagers knocking on a door and the brats didn't even have the decency to put a costume on!!! Another group of greedy teenagers were in costumes but fighting about wasting time and how to get more candy. PARENTS... THIS IS NOT OK! I think that age 12 should be the cut-off. Once you're a teenager you can dress up and go to a Halloween party, but stay off the old ladies porches. Plus, teenagers have enough hormone problems without adding excess sugar and weight gain!

To end this with a positive note: As I was walking, the cold hard fact that I live without my people around me and in my neighborhood was hitting me kind of hard. As I began to sink into the depths of self pity, I heard "Hey Kosker!". Huh? Yup, one of my coworkers lives just a few streets away from me and I had no idea. So, now I have to wonder if that was God's way of telling me that I do have people here? I think I might start packing anyway...


Hot or Not?

Ok, General Tso, it's time you stop advertising your spicy chicken with that pepper symbol 'cause it ain't spicy! I have ordered General Tso a few times and each time I think "I must not have tried that before, it must just look like something else". Well, today I ordered it and I am declaring once and for all... that General Tso's chicken is NOT spicy!


My great white

Jake is officially off. He is embarking on his 7-10 day solo hunt. Well, tonight and tomorrow he will be kayaking with a friend, but then he's off to Eastern Oregon. The car is outfitted and I have to admit- it's pretty sweet. He will be sleeping in the car and he's spent the past 24-hours making our Toyota Matrix into a custom fit camper. I'll post pics when he returns... he has the camera.

Now I have a lot of time on my hands. Jake is always the productive one in our little family... and this week I'm going to work on finding my own niche. There are plethora of tomatoes and apples that need to be dealt with, there are unfinished sewing projects, and my metabolism has probably hit negative numbers (judging by my extreme chill even when hiking- Jake agrees that my metabolism has shut down). So, I'll let you know what I do with my productive time... starting tomorrow :)

p.s. "no misspellings found" in this post! I never get that spell check message :)


Am I the freak?

I just decided to start a new series in my blog.

Today's topic: High School Cheerleaders.

I've noticed that in every tv and movie clip involving stereotypical student roles, there are always cheerleaders...in their uniforms! Now I realize that I went to the only HS in history to not have a football team, marching band, etc. However, the cheerleaders did not wear their uniforms every day! They did wear them a few times for the BIG games (meaning basketball... Go Berries!), but it was a rarity (thank God!).

Am I?


FALLin in love

Pumpkin Patch with Mt. Hood in the distance. Gresham, Oregon.
Last weekend as I was driving with my grandparents through the countryside- we saw this gorgeous view. I have been on a quest to fully appreciate fall this year and I am succeeding. I have to look a little harder out west to find the beautiful red, orange and yellow leaves- but they pop up every now again. It's not as bountiful as fall in Pennsylvania, but this year I'm happy to exchange the fall leaves for this view of Mt. Hood over a pumpkin patch.


Grandma and Grandpa come for a visit

I wanted to post a few pics of my Grandma and Grandpa Krumich. They flew to Oregon from Pennsylvania and have been very busy visiting vineyards, exploring local parks and farmer's markets, and eatting :)

This is my all-time favorite photo of them... ever! It doesn't even need any picassa editing :)

If you stay in the wine cellar long enough- I wonder if you can get drunk on the fumes of evaporating wine? It was so cool to see the cellar (and smell it!).

My grandfather has a HUGE collection of County Courthouse pictures from around the country. Recently a friend compiled the pictures into a beautiful book for him. Now he has one more!

(Please note my gorgeous new dangly earrings in the above photo sent to me by Lizzythebotanist after I blogged about liking her earrings! Shannon Hill also sent me danglys after that posting. I have such great friends!! Liz, I like your Honda Element. Shannon, I like your Subaru Forrester. ;)

Jake sometimes complains about my constant picture taking... any guesses where I got that from?

Palin does not belong in DC!

When I get an email from my smarty smart smart Aunt Amy... I take it seriously :)

If you're interested, please vote and pass along. This only takes 20 seconds:

PBS has an online poll posted asking if Sarah Palin is qualified. Apparently the right wing knew about this in advance and are flooding the voting with YES votes.

The poll will be reported on PBS and picked up by mainstream media. It can influence undecided voters in swing states. Please do two things -- it takes 20 seconds.

1) Click on link and vote yourself.
Here's the link: http://www.pbs.org/now/polls/poll-435.html
2) Then send this to every single Obama-Biden voter you know, and urge them to vote and pass it on. The last thing we need is PBS saying their viewers think Sarah Palin is qualified.


Can I watch?

TMI alert:

As I was talking to my hubby about my upcoming woman's appointment, a thoughtful thought struck me. "Do you want to come and watch?", I said to my yearning to learn more husband, the nurse. "Do I want to come to your appointment and INTO THE ROOM?", he replied. "Yeah, what's the big deal?"

"Well, I just think my coworkers would fall on the floor if they knew you just offered that up.".

We have not yet decided whether this is a good idea or not, but my hubby appreciated the offer nonetheless. Cons: my hubby would view me in a completely non-sexual way, it might be awkward for the Doc, we might feel awkward in the end. Pros: he gets to learn more about Women's Medicine and as I said to him "heck, it's not like you've never seen it anyway!".


strawberries in the fall

Well, perhaps it's not a lot, but for the first time EVER (about 3 years of trying) Jake and I have a successful strawberry plant! I happen to know that commercial strawberries hold a high amount of toxins and it is one of the main fruits that you should avoid (someday I'll get Jake to blog about Dr. Weil's book which explains this). I've never stopped eatting store bought strawberries, but now I'm not sure if my taste buds can go back. Nothing compares to the exquisite flavor of my homegrown strawberries! They are so naturally sweet and juicy... it's all I can do from chowing down on all of our small supply and leave Jake only the stems!

The strawberries have helped pull me from my current funk. Fall is my favorite season and yet this year I just feel robbed of green time. I'm not ready for winter and that mindset is ruining my fall! Over the next few days, I'm going to be on a hunt for fall goodness. It's time I get myself back in the present and enjoy all the wonderful treats that fall brings! I need to focus on fall and not what it preludes.