I know that it's kind of taboo to talk about trying to conceive (TTC), but I'm gonna put it out there. My hope it that someone out there will have the magic advice which will change my TTC into an embryo :)

It's been about 5 months now that we Kosker's have been at it (haha) and my good attitude is growing thin. I know that it takes up to a year for the average couple, but I am impatient. Though I have talked to a few people who had to be patient, I also have a few fertility goddesses as friends. Man am I jealous.

Jake and I were so sure of ourselves that we started trying on the month we planned to conceive. Yes, we planned it all out. We had worked out the entire pregnancy to fit perfectly into our scheduled lives. Naive, a bit. Optimistic, a lot!

So, now that I'm 27, I hope that my eggs are perkin' up!


  1. i think i might be one of those fertility goddesses you speak of. i have NO advice for you seeing as how nash was a go on the first try and haven just decided to come on her own without any "trying." okay, i guess we had to have done something, but it was a definite surprise. anyway, good luck...hold your pelvis up in the air for a while when you're all juiced up. if i hear of any tips i'll be sure to send them your way.

  2. My friend had a couple of miscarriages prior to her successful pregnancy so I asked her. She said that she used red raspberry leaves. They are supposed to help even out or boost hormones. She said you can use either the tea or get them in the capsule form. She used the capsules because they are said to be more potent. Good luck!!!!

  3. perhaps the problem was named in your previous blog. . .

  4. I'm over at my friends tonight who took the red raspberry. She's going to send some with me so that I can add them to your care package:) I better mail it soon!!


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