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So, as promised it is time for me to share WHERE I SLEPT this weekend :) First I want to set the story up...

A few weeks ago we were in PA celebrating the wedding of Heath and Jess.

Since they are a fellow Lutherlyn (http://www.lutherlyn.com/) couple, we share A LOT of friends. Their wedding was truly the highlight of my summer. Yes I'm super happy that Heath found his match, but really the wedding for me was all about old friends. The Lutherlyners at the wedding are known among camp as the "Lifers", people who never really leave summer camp. These people range in age from 21-60 (ok, I don't know how old everyone is... we might be past the 60 mark!) and yet they are the most wonderful group of people. Being around them is like wearing my lucky underwear. I feel comfortable, at ease, inspired (yeah, my undies are that good), and everything just fits. I think the last one is the biggest for me- I can be around a lot of diverse people and have a good time, but rarely do I truly fit-in. Here's a pic of some of them:

I think they're telling me to shove a fork in it and put the camera away!

Since we are camp people, of course there was a group of us that camped after the wedding (it helps that the wedding was held at the farm co-owned by Heath http://www.blackberrymeadows.com/). Jake and I were in a tent borrowed from my sister (oh, Marianne- we borrowed your tent. Please and Thank You.) The other 20-40 year olds were also in tents. My parents on the other hand were in this:

They admitted that for a fraction of a second they felt silly that they were the only 50-year-olds camping out, but I think they quickly realized that that just made them cool.

So, inspired by the VW bus idea, Jake and I turned our small Toyota Matrix into a fabulous traveling bed!! We can both lay flat and it has many perks over tenting in certain situations. The DMB concert was one such occasion as were the naps we took in shaded parking lots throughout our weekend roadtrip!

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  1. WOw! It's like a picture book. I liked your blog, though it would have been better with a picture of our camper in it. ;-)
    Glad you could use my tent!
    love you!


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