poppin' the TAG cherry

Since I'm fairly new to blogging, I didn't know what a TAG was, until lizzythebotantist threw one my way. Perhaps one day I will share her disdain for TAGs, but I will indulge this once :)

3 joys:
  • rainy afternoons spent on the couch with a good novel
  • making Jake laugh
  • Family dinners with mom, dad, sister, hubby, bro-in-law

3 fears:

  • infertility
  • death of a family member. Yes, I'm at peace with death and God and yet I'm not willing to share my loved ones with death.
  • making an enemy

3 goals:

  • save enough money over the next 2 years to have a nice deposit for land or home
  • do something innovative and creative with my career
  • get healthy! I've started with my weekly yoga class :)

3 obsessions: this is a hard one!

  • reading
  • blogging/ internet play time
  • making financial planning spreadsheets

3 random surprises:

  • i own my own electric drill and can use it better than most men I meet. Thanks dad!
  • i never went on a Spring Break trip in college
  • i do not say the Pledge of Allegiance (and haven't since about 11th grade)

To pass on the love: I'm tagging MOK, Kelly, and Winona


  1. thanks for the tag. it's my first. I'm no longer a tag-virgin.

  2. Funny how we never say the pledge during anything anymore. We used to say it when I was a kid at camp Sequanota, even. Once you become an adult, it's not there. Interesting thing to ponder. hmmmmmm....
    Always making me think, Jules.

  3. Oh, and change the brown background or make the font bold. It's hard to read. :p

  4. I think I'm the only one who likes the change in the background! Also when I lived in Texas they not only said the pledge of allegiance to the american flag but also to the TEXAS flag... found this to be a bit much and I usually dogged out of the room for both:)


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