PETA, this is not what it looks like

Creepy, crawly, critters have taken up shop in my cats fur.
Last month we noticed the flea problem, dropped some goo on Pickel's neck, and patted ourselves on the back for being good parents. However, when we returned home from a recent road trip, we noticed flea dirt everywhere. OOPS!!! So, despite our end-of-a-roadtrip fatique, Jake jumped back in the car to buy some reinforcements.

Pickel was so good about it! The shampoo helped a lot and she let us pick a gazillion more off of her while she was still wet. Currently she is curled up in my lap enjoying some rest after her days of relentless itching. Either she has no memory and therefore cannot hold a grudge, or is smart enough to fully appreciate why we tortured her and is being affectionate to show her gratitude. I know that we have not yet conquered the fleas, but soon, very soon!

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