let's revisit manners

So, my first mega concert in over 10 years was fun, HOWEVER I will not be attending another (the only exception would be for Jack Johnson). Unfortunately we missed OAR and I'm a bigger fan of them than I am of Dave Matthews (don't spit on me- I like them too). I'm not sure when OAR played, we were only a 40 minutes late and they were already taking the stage down from the intro band to prepare for DMB. Perhaps the time on the ticket was wrong? Bummer.

Jake and I were aggressive and weaseled ourselves into a spot that we thought would be perfect. It was about as close as you can get with lawn seats and we were on the edge of our step- so we thought we'd have a great view for the evening while sitting in our Crazy Creek chairs munching on baguette and cheese. We're high class.

When I pay money for a concert, I want to hear the concert. I do NOT want to hear 10,000 drunk fraternity/sorority kids (not to stereotype, but let's face it- that's who primarily goes to these things) yelling the lyrics and "woooooo yeah" every 5 seconds. Jake was the one that noticed that every "wooo" is followed by a "yeah". This fact should be interesting to future anthropologists.

Additionally, it is not polite to stand during concerts- specifically, it is not polite to stand in front of me. Even once I stood with 3 inches of ground between me and a huge step, people still butted in front of me. I don't care where we are- that is rude. I also hate 2nd hand smoke, whatever it is your smoking next to me. I do not think you're cool, I do not want to smile at you, and I do not want to share my blanket or food with you.

My mama is proud that she raised me to be annoyed by these things. I'm afraid that I'm destined for a life of classical music concerts. So, my kids may not know who Jimi Hendrix was, is that so bad???

Though I have my complaints about the concert, the venue was breathtaking!


  1. You missed OAR??? What a bummer!! I would have been equally annoyed with that set up. Sometimes I think I really should just never leave home... I hate big crowds where people are so close they are practically touching you (I don't want your sweat!). Sorry to hear it wasn't as fun as you thought it would be!!

  2. PS you look cute in this picture:) I love your ear rings!!


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