it's a secret

If you are like me and my sister, you are addicted to internet tv. We have now entered the last week before premiere week and it has been a long, dry, boring life without The Office and Ugly Betty to entertain me (this was written somewhat sarcastically). So, without new tv shows, I have spent a lot of time staring at blogs waiting for them to update and looking for new internet addictions.

Jake invited his friend Kathy over the other night and I overheard them talking about "Stumble". "What is that?", I asked ruining my incognito eavesdropping pose. It's a search engine that you download, choose your interests, and view random web pages according to those interests. Now there is a bar at the top of my screen and when I am bored, I hit "Stumble" and a random web page pops up that I might be interested in! GENIUS! I haven't made my own account yet, so I stumble through Jake's interests. Luckily, we share many interests, but I have had to throw acid in my eyes to erase the political and peak oil websites from my mind.

This was one of my first stumbles and I L-O-V-E it!


  1. what's the secret?
    And- do you 'L-O-V-E' Stumble or this picture? I find the picture a bit morbid. . . I mean who just wants to wait and wonder what tragedy will come?
    However, I agree. Stumble it fantastic! I can waste many-an-hour seeing what goodies (or crap) is out there on the internet.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I LOVE Stumble and the postsecret website. The pic rings a little true to my thoughts, so that is why it's representing for PostSecret. That's the secret... the website is all about people's secrets :)

  3. One day you will share our interest in our nations engergy issues! Well maybe not but at least Jake likes to talk about it:) I suppose we have a plethera of other things to discuss!


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