I like the ones that dangle.

In the latter years of High School, I made a HUGE shift. I shifted right on over to the neighboring school district and became friends with a great (read: smart and hot) group of guys. Literally, I switched from being completely ignored by the guys at my school to having my pick of invitations every weekend. It's important to mention that though I was surrounded by awesome guys, I was still perpetually single.

After awhile there was one girl from their school district who became my friend. Now that I think of it, it's odd that there was only one girl and about 10 guys that were my friends. For Freudian insight on that refer to the title of this blog ;)

Lizzythebotanist was that friend. I suppose she didn't see me as a threat (she had a boyfriend) and we had some fun times. She is a fellow blogger and I've noticed that in 95% of the photos that she posts, she is wearing huge dangely earrings. They rock! She has since sent ("sent" is not the right word. Let's just move on 'cause that's what I came up with.) her sis-in-law (blogger, Beeta and Peeps) to Oregon. Yup, her sis-in-law is equally stylin' with her awesome earrings.

I recently posted a picture of myself with dangley earrings (post: let's revisit manners). I bought them on my annual shopping trip with my mom and Vicki (my personal shopper). Shannon, an old friend, was quick to notice the un-Julie-like dangles. Shannon and I have mastered the style of nature girl meets outdoorsy girl meets professional girl. We laugh about our style because it is unique yet we dress so much alike.

Anyway, I've decided that it's going to be my new thing. The dangley earrings glam up all of my plain boring clothes and make me feel like a vixen. Watch out Jake! (yikes- there are no parentheses in this paragraph!)


  1. you are too funny. you were one of my few female friends, too. for some reason i just roamed with the boys. i went through a few year where i was ultra hippy and that's when my earrings started getting bigger and bigger. i'd pick up funky handmade ones at various fairs and festivals. anyway, i'd love to help you start your collection, so send me your address to lizzythebotanst at hotmail dot com

  2. Yay for dangley's! I'm glad that we can embrase our unique style together:) I love it! I think that you will be most pleased with my purchases for your recent birthday (yes I'm a slacker and just got out today.... after reading your blog!) I just needed some inspiration!

  3. I'm with you. I LOVED danglies when I was in 7th grade, too. I had everything that dangled- troll doll earrings, basketball earrings, even tropical fish earrings. Fortunately, the kitschy trend is over, but my love for dangly earrings is NOT. AND, it's totally back in style. I'm so happy! :-)

  4. Haha I had troll earrings too! When I was younger I didn't want anything other than dangly earrings either! I remember my favorite was halloween because I had dangly bats, pumpkins, spiders on webs... you get the picture:)


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