garbage insights

While browsing through the newest Real Simple magazine, the following quote made me RUN to my garbage can in search of self revelations:

The things people discard tell more about them than the things they keep.

hilda lawrence

This is what I found out (in all 4 disposal areas which include dump truck trash, paper recycling, compost, and glass/metal/plastic recycling):

  • My cat poops a lot. I mean A LOT.
  • This household has a thing for cranberry juice and tuna.
  • I should buy stock in Monistat 3. (TMI again?)
  • I compulsively open and glance at junk mail before recycling it... SUCKER!
  • I have very little trash. I'm pretty sure this is because I hate to shop and therefore rarely bring new items home.


  1. Wouldn't you think that a household that eats a lot of tuna would actually know what "Chicken of the Sea" is????? Just wondering :)

  2. ooo... that burns mama! when you come visit- all I'm gonna serve you is TUNA!

  3. If people assessed me via my garbage, they'd think I'm a wino with a yarn addiction...and they would be correct.

    Love the new blog layout. SO cute.

  4. In my garbage: Every sweet, cute, and just 'fun' material possession that I have- er, had.
    ;-) See you State-side soon!
    love you!


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