Freezer Teaser

Well my friends, you didn't guess the right answer. The most common guesses revolved around Jake's love of hunting. Yes, I do have a FULL bird (feathers included) in my freezer, but fortunately for my gag-reflex, this freezer teaser was much more benign.

IT WAS FROZEN BANANAS! Let's sing that horrid pop song: "This sh** is bananas. B.A.N.A.N.A.S." Yes, they were peeled bananas and when thawed, they were goo... but bananas nonetheless.

In fact, little did Jake's and my coworkers know when they were enjoying my Suzie Homemaker Banana Bread... they were eating the stuff while trying to solve the Freezer Teaser. Mwahahaha... soon I will conquer the world with my clever irony!


  1. blast! and i have the very same thing in my own freezer-how could i be so oblivious?

  2. oh what a pity. And i was SO looking forward to that prize! :-)

  3. RATS! That was Charlie's guess but I told him it was dumb and that i refused to post that answer!

  4. I would have NEVER guessed that was banana's! Seriously though have you ever seen frozen squid? A very close resemblance!


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