Did it hurt? When you fell from Heaven?

Ok... serious problem in the Kosker marriage! We are nearing the end of Jake's bi-monthly 6-day, 12-hour shifts. After we hurried through our hour together (which includes Jake showering, eating, and any other normal daily to-dos), I informed Jake that though he will be off the next 2 evenings- I won't. He then replied, "I'd like to date you. If we weren't married, I'd date you."

How's that for a look into our marriage? YIKES! Luckily we have a weekend trip planned- so I'll have plenty of opportunities to "date" my husband. Yes, that's what we kids are calling it these days.


  1. I think it's cute:) How sweet that even though you guys are married Jake would still date you.

  2. My blog today is on a similar topic. And Jay and I like to have "junior high nights" sometimes - where we go on a date, and hold hands and stuff. And sometimes make out.


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