Can I watch?

TMI alert:

As I was talking to my hubby about my upcoming woman's appointment, a thoughtful thought struck me. "Do you want to come and watch?", I said to my yearning to learn more husband, the nurse. "Do I want to come to your appointment and INTO THE ROOM?", he replied. "Yeah, what's the big deal?"

"Well, I just think my coworkers would fall on the floor if they knew you just offered that up.".

We have not yet decided whether this is a good idea or not, but my hubby appreciated the offer nonetheless. Cons: my hubby would view me in a completely non-sexual way, it might be awkward for the Doc, we might feel awkward in the end. Pros: he gets to learn more about Women's Medicine and as I said to him "heck, it's not like you've never seen it anyway!".

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