at what price?

Every so often, my hubby has the opportunity to work over-time. As all working middle-class know, over-time pay rocks ones socks off! Since I am equally determined to meet our financial goals each month, I started a part-time job.

I am a Psychiatric Crisis Mental Health Screener. Yup, pretty much as intense as it sounds. Basically I meet with people who are at risk to commit suicide. I then determine whether they need to be hospitalized or if there is a less extreme way to help them. The perks are that there are quite a few awesome people that work there and on slow days- we get to sit around and shoot the shit (quite literally! recently I had a huge discussion about Leave No Trace packing out poop when backpacking.). However, for every slow day, there are multiple crazy days!

Now that school is back in session, I am required to work one 4-hour shift a week which includes being on-call for 15-hours. So, the worst case scenario is that I'll have to work from 5pm- 8am on a school night. YIKES!

Last Friday I was talking to my boss on the phone as he was making his semi-frequent calls to get more coverage (we are mega short staffed!). I was exhausted at 1pm on the first Friday of the school year, but ever wanting to please others- I picked up the nightly on-call shift. That evening as I was trying to focus on the psychotic client that I was screening at 1:30 am in the ER, my thoughts paused on this thought "what price do I put on my own life and what is this job costing me?".

Saturday night is my usual shift and as I was hurriedly finishing up the garden fresh green bean casserole that Jake requested, he and I had a few minutes to chat before both heading off to work. The conversation went like this: "Julie, I want you to quit that job.". I guess it wasn't much of a conversation :) I have ignored his request, but am determined to not pick-up any more shifts out of the kindness of my heart.

Now I must finish this blog as it is time to squeeze a nap into my day!


  1. Wow, I gotta give you props for this one - I could NEVER do your job. You are a strong woman!

  2. I couldn't either!! I like to sleep to much:)


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