Are you charting?

There is a sub-culture that one only knows of when one is in it. Women who are trying to conceive give subtle clues to each other in order to discuss this conversation taboo. Once a woman gives one of these subtle clues, if the other woman is actively in the sub-culture she will reply with "are you charting?". As a sub-culture newbie, I would say "yes". I had skimmed the books and websites that discussed this, but I always just skimmed it 'cause it was boring. Well, FYI if you answer "yes", but really just mean "I put an x on my calendar when my . starts"- you messed up. You won't get kicked out of the secret, subtle, pseudo club, but you'd better start tracking your ovulation cycle with thermometers, pee sticks, and a handful of old wives tales.

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  1. cute new background. It's a bit hard to read. . . The tweed and the brown lettering make me a bit google-eyed. Maybe it's just me, though.


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