Where old men and homeschooled kids meet

Disclaimer: Some people have a gay-dar, I have a home school-dar. I will admit that I have met a few cool home school kids in my day (I've worked with a lot of them through various jobs). However, most home school kids- reek of home school.

Today Jake and I went to the Oregon Steam-up. Steam powered engines, tractors, saws, etc. For the $8 admission fee, we got to walk around and look at engines... all day. Jake's supervisor told him that this thing is a BLAST. It was mildly interesting, would have been more interesting if they had some tutorials on the engines and how they worked.

I think my dad and grandpa would have enjoyed it. And the Amish- they would have loved it!

Why is it that Jake and I always end up doing things with the geriatrics? Hopefully it's because they are older, wiser, and more tuned in to the quality things in life....

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  1. Jul, This is hilarious! The top photo takes the cake and could definitely be some sort of clever Hallmark birthday card. . .

    I have a story for you:

    When we had our wedding reception here in Germany, I was just starting with a 1st grade class, and there was a huge 1st-grade-reception celebration the morning of our wedding party. (It was a Saturday.) I begged my principal if I could get out of it, but he said that there was 'No way. Sorry.' So, I went to the first-grade-thing and then a friend picked me up from school and we jutted as fast as possible up (2 hours north) to our wedding reception. It was scheduled that I would arrive RIGHT as it was supposed to start.

    Little did we know, that in one of the small villages on the way to our party, they were having their annual 'tractor parade.' The tractors all looked like this one. We had no choice but to wait until all 50 pulled out right in front of us and putted down the 1km main street. Man, was that frustrating!

    And- I was late to my own wedding reception. Ahhh! Memories! :-)


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