pink shoe whit would fall on the floor

One of my favorite people on this earith is "pink shoe whit". She and I have grown-up as psuedo relatives and grown into being best friends (though I can't remember the last time I talked to her... it's one of those friendships that surpasses expectations like that). Her shoe collection is fabulous enough to be a museum exhibit. She is a frequent flyer, world traveler and you can bet that her matching luggage contains mostly shoes. When we've traveled together, she has a different pair of shoes for each day. I'm lucky if I have a different pair of underwear for each day. It's a little unfair because 3 of her petite shoes take the same amount of space as one of my banana boats.

Jake and I spent the evening excitingly packing for our trip home. Due mostly to our excited energy, we have overthought each item that is being packed. Jake packed our largest suitcase full of the supplies he will need for his camping/climbing/spelunking trip with his buds. I packed 1/3 of the medium suitcase with my clothing and filled the rest with presents for future holidays (hey, shipping is expensive) and Jake's non-wilderness clothes.

Here's the real shocker... I packed ONE PAIR OF FLIP FLOPS (to be fair, I should mention the one pair of birks that I'll be wearing to travel)! That's it! I'm even going to a wedding, but instead of trying to do the whole outdoor wedding thing in adorable dress shoes, I'm wearing my non-matching chaco flip flops because I love them.

How many pairs of shoes did pretty pretty princess Jake pack? FIVE!!! This revelation is so mind boggling (both my shoe minimalism and Jake's shoe extremism) that I don't know how to react other than blogging about it.

p.s. though the pic may lead you to believe that she and her hubby are boozers. they are not (typically). Also, yes, we are playing electronic clue :)

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  1. the beauty here is:
    Now you have a great excuse to buy more shoes in PA, too! :-) Good thinkin', Jul.


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