Now that's a woman to stand behind!!!

As I was writing my previous blog, I flipped on the TV because the next episode of HSM:GITP was on in a half hour and I decided to watch it live. Though I read "The Week" and make uninformed opinions all of the time, I am mostly naive about our Presidential Candidates.

Let it be written that I will vote for any man that is married to Michelle Obama! WOW! Yes, her speech was written or edited by speech writers, but I don't care. She loves her husband, she is smart (actually I'll vote for anyone that is intelligent- that be a great CHANGE) and accomplished, she rocks. More than once I was the weirdo sitting at home alone smiling and saying "wow" to myself.

I will be following things more closely as we draw near November- but I am now a HUGE fan of Michelle.


  1. You do realize, I hope, that Michelle Obama is not actually running for president. . . It's her husband who is.
    Just checking! ;-)

  2. I love Michelle. I love her. She seems like she is both loving and a hardass, and I love that. She's awesome.


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