my silent song


I LOVE to sing! I even loving singing on stage. It's something that I did a lot in high school and college, but since then my song has been silent. I used to think that I had a good voice. I received quite a bit of recognition during the 8 years in which I was a choir fanatic. Now however, I'm less sure of myself.

My husband is a very honest fellow and therefore I know that he doesn't like to hear me sing. It's a little to operatic for him. 98% of my friends haven't asked me to sing at their weddings- so that might be an indication, or it might not.

Regardless, I know my vocal techniques solidly. I might even teach voice lessons one of these days because I feel that I could be good at it. I work with the choir in my school every once and awhile and the girls sound a whole lot better when I'm done and that makes me so happy.

Yet, I want to find MY voice. Not the sculpted, technical, classical voice I developed through my own voice lessons, but my raw sound. HOW DO I DO THAT? I know that most of my Koskereaders are talented singers, so please help me! I'll take technique suggestions, music/book suggestions, anything. I've thought about finding a vocal jazz coach, but I'm not sure if that will help me to find me or teach me to mimic just another style.


  1. i hear ya! my singing days are so far in the past it makes me sad. i don't have any advice for you except to just sit around and sing your own songs. play the guitar. maybe you'll just come up with something totally unique and all you.

  2. Ohh I think that you should definitely work on singing Jazzy music. Not only do I think you would be good at it but I also think it fits you well:) I think it's hard to train your voice to sing differently. Especially since you started singing in choir/musicals, which are a specific type of singing. Maybe you should look into taking lessons yourself. I took them for a while and really enjoyed learning different ways of singing.

  3. when you sing in the shower, what voice do you use? that's probably your true voice, I suppose. . .
    but don't be afraid to experiment and have fun!


  4. I think you're right - if you find a vocal jazz coach, you'll be trained in another style but you still might feel the same way as you do about your classical sound. I would argue that that IS your voice, your voice is an instrument and the best instruments can play many styles of music. A guitar can play Spanish music or country western, right? You can train in all the styles you want...

    ...or you can just think about what your favorite music is. What's your go-to genre? What kind of sound comes out when you just sing the music you love? I'd argue that THAT is your voice. For me, my go-to is what you might call "easy listening" or "big band" - Nat King Cole, Rosemary Clooney, Bing Crosby, etc...or it's folky rock like Simon and Garfunkel and the like.

    The point here is, it's supposed to be fun - and I think maybe you're overthinking it. You have a beautiful voice - I'm sorry your hubby doesn't enjoy it, because it REALLY is a gorgeous instrument.

    And now I will give you a compliment. Back in the day when we did Godspell, Dr. Doug Hendel of the theatre department told me that he thought of all the women in the show, you had the most beautiful voice. :)


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