Help a sista

As I sit here trying to remake my running play list and make a play list for traveling, I am at a loss. I need ideas!

Please comment with your favorite musicians and songs!

(this is serious, I haven't bought new music in about ummm... yeah, can't remember buying anything since I quit my Columbia House membership in the 90s)


  1. I'm all about the MammaMia soundtrack (from the movie) and the Juno Soundrack right now. I know- soundtracks can only get you so far, but they're both really good.
    That's my suggestion.

  2. I have no idea what kind of music you like, but when I'm working out I really like upbeat stuff - in fact, I cannot work out to anything slow. Period. My husband can and it's weird. Some of my favorites for workouts include...

    The White Stripes (especially Icky Thump and Elephant)
    The Raconteurs
    Madonna - Confessions on a Dance Floor and her new one, Hard Candy
    Black-Eyed Peas
    Garbage (esp Version 2.0 - oldie but goody)
    Justin Timberlake - FutureSexLoveSounds
    The Dandy Warhols - Come Down
    Franz Ferdinand
    The Killers
    Gnarls Barkley
    No Doubt/Gwen Stefani


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