Boogie like it's 1999

When I was in High School, I was a true eager beaver. I wanted to be a part of everything! They were good years all in all and I came way with the unsoughtafter title of "Class President". Next summer will be my 10-year class reunion! Unbelievable.

So, dear Koskereader's (term coined by RKnep- he's so clever), please tell me what you have liked and disliked about your class reunions. I'm starting from scratch and am hoping that all 5 of my regular readers (Cathy- glad to know you and the rest of Jake's Harem... OK colleagues is more accurate, less exciting though... are reading) will have some great tips and ideas for me!


  1. Hey Julie!

    First, I love your blog! I'm so glad you're writing, and reading mine. I love that we're keeping in touch. Thank goodness for the internet!

    Ok - ear candling! It's awesome! It's not a real candle, but it's a long, candle-looking piece of waxed cloth. You lie on your side and put the thing in your ear and light one end. You put a paper plate or a piece of tin foil in between the lit end and your ear, so that the dripping wax doesn't fall on you. As the waxed cloth burns down, it literally sucks the gunk out of your ears. After it's done, you can cut open the remaining waxed cloth stick and see all the crap that came out of your ears. My friend Megan and I do it every year or so and we compete to see who has the most crap in her ears. After you do it, you can hear so much better, it's amazing. It's all the gunk that you can't get out with a Q-tip.

    Some people say it's dangerous, but I don't think so - you only need to do it like once, maybe twice a year at most.


    PS - what's your email address? I don't have a current one or I'd have sent this via email.

  2. wow. That's an amazing thought. But what if your hair caught on fire? Or your brains? ;-)

  3. so julie i am in the same boat, a fellow senior class president thinking about planning the big 1-0 reunion. we need to brainstorm sometime. just think it is less than a year away. yikessssss!


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